Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trip to Kernville

Over the Memorial Day weekend we were thinking of things to do to actually get out of the house. We did go downtown to the antique stores, and then I heard on the radio that there was a craft show up in Kernville over the weekend. Or Crap Show as Keith likes to call them.

We hadn't been up to Kernville in quite a few years and while the drive is a little scary at times, the scenery along the Kern River is pretty, so let's head up to the mountains! We had heard that there were going to be dangerously high winds through the mountain passes on Saturday so decided to drive up on Sunday instead when the winds were supposed to be calmer. The road along the river is very narrow and sometimes you wonder if you're not going to scrape your car on the rocky mountainside along the road, and if you are coming down the mountain, you are wondering when your car will careen off the road and crash down into the raging river below. Scary.

We made it up to Kernville without crashing into any boulders and Kernville is a very picturesque little town but there are no public restrooms to speak of. Lots of tourists go to Kernville to spend time on the river or have lunch or go camping or go to a craft show or whatever but the town seems to resent those tourists and the fact that sometimes they have to pee. And there were a few thousand tourists in Kernville that day.

Every store and business has a sign in the window advising that there are no public restrooms inside and don't even ask no matter how badly you need to go. They had one porta potty at the craft show in the little park in the center of town that had obviously been extremely well used and not cleaned and there was no toilet paper. Really disgusting, actually. The one coffee house/sandwich shop that we thought about buying some lunch at actually had their restroom blocked off with chairs and caution tape. So we didn't buy any food there. Because if you won't let me pee after drinking your coffee then you don't need my business. They do have one saloon in town but if you go in to use the restroom you have to buy a beer and then the cycle just starts all over again and then what?

So, it really was not a fun trip for me, the woman who has to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so, especially if I drink any liquids at any time during the day. I did see a public restroom in the park along the river as we were leaving town, but I can only imagine the condition that would have been in after a weekend of tourists using it.

I don't think we'll be going back to Kernville any time soon.

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