Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Week Gone By Already

And it's Friday the 13th! Cue spooky Twilight Zone music here.

I'm gearing up for my day, the house needs vacuuming again and the cat boxes need cleaning and I'm going to make some macaroni salad which I can't actually eat. We are planning our first of what we hope will become an annual Spring Birthdays and Mother's Day Barbecue Event for next month. I'm getting ideas together of what kinds of salads to serve and any new recipes really should be tried out first.

I've always loved a good macaroni salad but have never been able to make one that really tasted the way I think a macaroni salad should taste, and forget about those pre-made ones you can buy at the deli counter. Those always have that weird tangy kind of sour vinegary taste to them and remind me of school cafeterias and people who are too lazy to make their own macaroni salad. So, I found a recipe that sounds good and will try it out today. And, as a bonus, Keith will have macaroni salad to put in his lunches next week.

Well, it's been a couple of weeks of having my own bed to sleep in and how is that going for us? I think we both sleep better but Keith is still weirded out about it. I kind of like getting into bed and not worrying about disturbing someone else since he goes to bed earlier than me most of the time and also gets up earlier. Except for yesterday when for some reason he opened up my door so the cats could go in the room and the light from the living room shone just perfectly right in my eyes and woke me up.

So, aside from having two sets of sheets to wash instead of just one, I'm liking the bed to myself thing. I think the cats are also liking only one person sleeping in the big bed, more room for them!

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