Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Purse

So, is it weird that your husband would buy you a new purse and then even organize your stuff in the purse for you? Yes? I think so, too. And is it even weirder that he would have bought the new purse at a restaurant?

Here's how it happened.

Last Friday he was late getting home from work because it was his last work day before vacation and the boys all wanted to buy him a beer after work. He never goes out with them, preferring to just come straight home and do any drinking in the comfort of his own house, but since he was feeling good because vacation days were coming and thought he'd be social for a change, went and had a beer with them at a funky bar in Wasco that he said smelled so strongly of disinfectant that it almost made him sick. I told him that they probably had to use lots of disinfectant to cover up the vomit and urine smells and at least they make an effort.

So, he was late and I need to drop packages at the post office and he was also hungry and just wanted to stop somewhere for dinner and suggested Milt's Coffee Shop with the big EAT sign by the freeway and near the post office and I suggested we give Hodel's Country Dining another try, a place that is right across the street from Milt's and is buffet style so you don't have to wait for your food to be cooked you just strap on the feedbag and dig in. We have only been to Hodel's once before back when we first moved here, we didn't realize that it was buffet style and went there for breakfast along with half of the population of Bakersfield one Sunday morning. Apparently it is the place to go after church and any other time you want to eat all you can in one sitting. I don't remember what we ate that day and quite why we've never been back, but hey, everybody deserves a second chance and the place is always crowded so it must be halfway decent food, right?

Well, if you like really bad for you food in mass quantities, Hodel's is definitely the place for you. Everything is fried or creamed or gravied. They had fried chicken, fried fish, french fries, some green beans and corn, thankfully not fried, tri tip, beans, rice, and tortillas, enchiladas, and some other foods that I couldn't figure out what they were. They do have a salad bar with the usual salad stuff, but most of the salad bar is taken up with potato salad, macaroni salad, jello salad, ambrosia salad, congealed salad, you get the picture. They also had a whole bunch of what they called muffins but were actually cupcakes. And let me tell you, people were EATING.

We ate, but it really wasn't a place that I would want to spend too much time in. Keith did like the tri-tip and the fried chicken was good, but most of the rest of the food (except for the cupcake muffins which were delish) wasn't all that great and something about steam tables is just not that appetizing as far as I'm concerned. I doubt that we'll ever eat there again. But the rest of Bakersfield seems to enjoy it.

Anyway, about the purse. Right by the register where you pay for your food is a little gift shop. I went into the bathroom when we first went in and Keith was looking around the gift shop, and when I come out of the bathroom, here he is at the register buying a purse. And very proud of himself for picking out a purse for me. At a restaurant.

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