Friday, December 16, 2011


Well, the cats left me not just one but two presents this morning, resulting in a lot of gagging on my part. I'm sitting at the computer like I do every morning, only this morning I am sitting in the dark because Keith is on vacation and still sleeping, and I get a huge whiff of poop smell. And I know it's not me. So, off to clean the cat box because it really is stinky in here and why oh why can't they cover up their poop like cats are supposed to? Then as I'm taking the bag of stinkiness to the trash can I look outside and see Genie up by the window on the back porch and Bandit from next door by their food bowls about a foot away from Genie and why isn't she chasing him off? So, I go out to run Bandit off and pick up their food bowls and one of them has vomited their breakfast back into the food bowl along with some grass that they had been eating. Gag. And double gag. And I'm gagging all the way to the sink while carrying vomity food bowls to be washed.

So, how's your morning going so far?

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