Tuesday, November 8, 2011

20 Mule Team Delivers

So, I was looking at the bathroom walls the other day, must have been sitting there without a book or something, and I realized that the last time I washed down the bathroom walls was like never ago and maybe I should do something about the filth. Yes, they were filthy. Bathroom walls and pretty much any other kind of wall are one of those things that you get used to how they look and never really think much about them other than maybe the fact that they are holding your house up and you can hang pretty pictures on them.

But they do get dirty. Especially in a damp bathroom and especially around the corners where cats like Buddy like to constantly rub their dirty little faces and on the doors where you put your dirty little hands to close them. And while you may not notice the dirt I'm sure any guests that come into your house will. Not that we have a lot of guests wandering about our house, but maybe we'd all be a little happier if we treated ourselves like guests and put out the good towels and the fancy little soaps for ourselves. And washed down the walls once in a while. And then had a cup of tea in the good china.

I didn't have any wall washing stuff in the house, like Pine-Sol or whatever, so I went online to look up make your own wall washing cleaner stuff and came across a mention of Borax and how well it works for just about any type of cleaning and it's a natural element and probably is better for you to use around the house than chemicals that you'll be breathing in while you clean. So, I got me some Borax. Which I'd never really thought about other than when the miners that work at the borax mine way out in the desert were on strike and when we passed by the town of Boron, again way out in the desert, where most of the miners live. They get paid a whole lot of money to work in the borax mine because otherwise nobody would want to live out there or drive out there or do anything else out there because again, it is WAY out in the desert.

Anyway, the box of borax has all kinds of helpful hints on the back of it and all kinds of uses for your borax like using it to clean your toilet (works really well) putting it in your laundry (seems to work really well) and using it to scour stuff like your sinks or cooking pot bottoms instead of Comet ( also works really well). And a bunch of other uses that I can't remember right now. Oh, and washing walls. Which works really well.

So, instead of buying the latest 'green' cleaning product that I'm told I must have because it smells good and doesn't have harsh chemicals in it, I'm sold on borax which has no smell but you could always just add some vanilla extract to the wash water or something if you really want a smell involved.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

I've found tutorials online about using borax in lotion recipes and such, and it sorta weirds me out that it's a cleaning agent and it can also be used in a product that's made to soak into your skin... so I've never used it, but I chalk it up to be one of those clever things like baking soda... does a little bit of everything.