Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Busy Week

I've actually gotten inspired to make new stuff! What's up with THAT, anyway? I'm doing some new collage, not that the old collage has sold, but hey, and I'm going to do a new line of glass pendants at new, low 'we're all in this economy thing together' prices. Instead of making one of a kind pendants with little collages in them or pictures from vintage books, I'm going with some new purchased collage sheets for the pictures, then I can just assembly line the pendants and make a bunch of them easily and quickly. I wanted to do some Halloween and Christmas ones and collage sheets seem to be the way to go for cute holiday type pictures.

Anyway, been busy doing that and it's nice to look forward to getting in the workroom each day.

I got this one collage sheet with really cute Halloween owls on it and have made a pin.

And a collage.

And another sheet for this collage.

We got our doctor's visits out of the way and I got my blood drawn yesterday. Keith's stomach problems were discussed and food and drink choices talked about, and they don't seem to be maybe the cancer has come back related, so that's a relief and he doesn't need to go for a colonoscopy until next year. He actually lost 17 pounds in the year since his last visit which really surprised me since I certainly didn't lose 17 pounds and he eats way more snack food than I do, like LOTS of chips and stuff. I'm thinking that it's because we haven't had rice, potatoes, or pasta with our dinners in a year.

These are the new flowers that we got to put on the as yet unmade bench that will go under our bedroom window so we can see the flowers when we look out of the window instead of the weeds that we see now.

Of course they will probably sit out front until NEXT summer, but we'll see.

Speaking of summer, we are back into the hot weather after this nice break that we've been having with lower temps than usual. The next few days will be over 100, and you really feel the difference with just a few extra degrees out there.

Here is a bonus picture of Bear and Mimi cuddling.

I love how Bear always puts her leg across Mimi to hug her.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Oh.My.Gosh! That picture of bear and mimi is totally cute! ♥ {good news, we found posey, yay!} And I LOVE that bird collage, heck, I love your art, who am I kidding?! :)

Oh, and I think it's great that you're starting think assembly style with some of your pieces, that was something I started doing, and fiugred out the hard way a year or so ago... it's fun to do ooak pieces, but it's also nice when you can relist something too. One tip I've learned about working that way, is, make the first one so you have something to photograph... then wait and see how they sell before you make a bunch more of them. Some will sell more often than others, and it'll change all the time, so this way you're just saving yourself the work and the supplies, by sort of feeling out the market first. ;) if that makes sense.

take care miss! ♥ {I am in an awfully good mood now that we found posey, can you tell? :D }