Monday, August 22, 2011

Aimlessly Driving Around

Or: What We Did This Weekend.

Saturday was spent with some cleaning and a trip to Fresh and Easy to get some chicken and whatever else looked good. When Fresh and Easy first opened I really wasn't all that impressed. We bought some of the store brand frozen entrees and they were so unappetizing looking after they came out of the oven and the ones that we were brave enough to even taste were even more unappetizing. So, I kind of wrote them off as someplace I wouldn't make the effort to drive to. We have one just around the corner but the building has been empty and unopened for something like two years now, don't know if they'll ever get it together enough to open.

Anyway, after giving them another chance and finding that the prices were fairly reasonable, and trying their store brand coffee which is REALLY GOOD AND CHEAP! I decided to shop there once a month or so. Especially when they put a $5.00 off coupon in their flyer. I don't buy their frozen entrees, though. Lesson learned there.

Keith dicked around in the garage ALL DAY LONG sorting through stuff and pulling things out that he wants to yard sale next weekend.

Then Sunday morning was a trip to Winco to get all the stuff that Fresh and Easy either doesn't sell or charges too much, and then on the way back from there a stop at Foods Co for my low carb 'yogurt'.

We had been wanting to go to the local nurseries to look at plants for potting, so after grocery shopping, Keith looked online for nurseries around here and we took off down the road in search of one of them. That we never did find and might be out of business. We drove around for a while and then stopped at a newly opened nursery that was of course closed on Sundays. Then we drive and drive some more, me complaining because I told him that I didn't really want to drive around all day and I had to go to the bathroom and needed more coffee, so we stopped at McDonalds for potty break and a cup of coffee, and let me tell you, McDonalds really does make some good coffee.

We end up driving all the way to the other side of the city and finally turn around to start back home and see the Home Depot so Keith decides to stop there. The Home Depot that is way on the other side of the city, not the Home Depot that is directly behind our house and if we'd just gone there first we could have saved a lot of gas and time. And we end up buying a few plants and some pots and some dirt to put in the pots, which really bugs me that you are actually PAYING MONEY for dirt. Plants and pots and dirt that we could have gotten at the Home Depot directly behind us and saved a lot of gas and time.

But, anyway.

My idea has always been for Keith to make some sort of bench out of some of the huge piles of wood that he has in the garage (and yard) that we could put under the windows in the bedroom and living room and put some potted flowers and plants on so that when we look out of the windows we are looking at something pretty. So, three of the plants are for the bench that he WILL BUILD! for outside the bedroom window. I'm hoping that he will build the bench within the next few weeks, but I've learned not to hold my breath about things like that. He is easily distracted and projects often get started and then something shiny catches his eye and off he goes. SQUIRREL!

So, anyway, fairly busy weekend for us. He planted the plants for me, I would have just tossed the dirt in the pots and stuck the plants in there, but he has to put some rocks in the pot first for drainage and mix the dirt up special with some topsoil and stuff like that. So, I let him do the planting around here.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Paying for dirt is like paying for bottled water... makes no sense. LOL... glad I'm not the only one who feels that way... and I'm giggling that you ended up driving all over town, just to shop at a store that's right down the street from home... guess it happens! ;)