Thursday, July 21, 2011


I was going to put this post over on the cat blog but it's really kind of a pain trying to keep up with two blogs, so...

I was working on something in the front room yesterday and I heard the 'I've caught something and I'm bringing you a prize' meow coming from down the hall, and here comes Mimi with this very long piece of what I guess is sandpaper for a belt sander hanging out of her mouth. She drops it in the hallway and then waits for me to do what with it I don't know.

She likes to go out into the garage and catch things. At least she isn't catching the big roach bugs that Buddy finds out in the garage (no we don't have any roaches in the house, these are some kind of outdoor roach that resides in Bakersfield and they come in under the garage door. yuk.) and brings in the house where he plays with them and then deposits them in the cat food bowl. Fortunately he's only done this a couple of times this summer. And I'm so glad they aren't frogs like that one time.

When I'm working on painting or gluing things in the work room, I use old magazines under what I'm painting or gluing and then tear off the pages and toss them in the trash can by my work bench. She gets up on the bottom shelf of the bench and pulls paper out of the trash and then meows her way down the hall into the living room with magazine pages hanging out of her mouth. Then she drops them and sits on them. She did this like five times last night and then I finally figured out that she wants us to wad them up in a ball for her and then throw them down the hall so she can chase and capture them. No expensive cat toys for her.

I was making new gift envelopes for the shop and had them sitting on the work bench and here Mimi comes down the hall with three gift envelopes in her mouth. Time to put them somewhere else.

Speaking of cats, the bank sent James a letter that he has to be out of the Vegas house by the middle of next month, so we need to go get the 2 cats here in a few weeks. We really don't want 2 more cats, but Keith made a promise to his mom that he would take care of them, and he couldn't live with himself if he didn't keep his promise. He still has to make them a cat house out by the shed so he's better get cracking. And hopefully Lucy won't get too bent out of shape and having 2 cats in her back yard.

Speaking of Lucy, all of the next door cats who used to come in the yard are terrified of her so they stay away from our yard. Except for the 2 black kittens. For some reason she will tolerate them and they've been getting into the back yard by climbing the tree and jumping over to the top of the fence but they can't figure out how to get back over the fence once they get in the back yard. Many mornings I've gone outside and heard them scrabbling around by the gate trying to get back out and I have to go open the gate for them. Like I did this morning.


DancingMooney ♥ said...

I've tried to have two blogs before too, and it's a lot of work... but I like reading your cat stories, so I vote for one blog. :)

Hope the two new kitties work well into your space too. aww... ♥

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