Monday, May 9, 2011

A New Week

And a sort of new start or a replay of a new start, anyway. It was kind of weird to wake up this morning and have Keith already gone off to work, I got kind of used to him being unemployed and around the house all day. I had to make his lunch sandwich last night, something I didn't mind not having to do all those weeks. I don't know why I dislike making his sandwich each night so much, maybe because I hate making food in general, but since he's the working man again the least I can do is make his sandwich I suppose.

We went to Vons yesterday morning to get stuff to make those darn sandwiches and that was a big mistake, because seeing all the people in there (and it was the busiest early Sunday morning I've ever seen there) buying flowers and cards for Mom because they forgot or waited until the last minute really got to him. He was standing in the cheese aisle wiping his eyes and then totally lost it after we got back in the car. Note to self: don't take someone who just lost their mom to Vons on Mother's Day. Or probably anywhere else on Mother's Day. Most definitely not to a restaurant.

He spent the rest of the day still working in the backyard on his patio project, occasionally going off to Home Depot (where they don't sell much in the way of Mother's Day gifts) for cement and other odds and ends needed for the job. I made some salad for dinner which didn't taste all that good for some reason and then we went to the Red Box to get a movie to watch. We haven't rented a movie in months and months and had a hard time choosing, but ended up with The King's Speech, which if you haven't seen yet, by all means do so. Very good movie.

So, today back to our normal, I'll do my regular Monday vacuuming after I clean the cat boxes, and pack up the few orders that I have, drink some more coffee, and do whatever else I usually do on a normal Monday.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I am so glad to hear that Keith got his old job back and that things are getting back to normal. Normal is a good thing, sometimes. :)

And, nice to see he's getting some of those outside projects done, then what else can he do, but finish the inside ones? haha...

Great big hugs, and glad things are looking up! ♥

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Awwwww that had to be hard for him. I was pretty emotional over the weekend too. I was bummed I wasn't there for Renee's graduation... and bummed I missed Evann's play this weekend. Renee sent mom some flowers and a thanks for all the help getting through grad school. The flowers kind of made me weepy too. I think my leaky eyes are stemming from hormones though.