Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Weekend Gone By

And a holiday one, too.

I woke up Saturday morning to the sounds of raindrops hitting something metal in the side yard. What? Rain? They didn't say anything about rain on the weather report last night. And since we didn't know it was going to rain we had left things like bikes and lawn mowers out in the back yard. And a Lucy cat.

She was a little freaked out when I went out to feed her, and was on the roof of the shed hiding under the plum tree branches. It's WET out here!

Sunday was cold and windy but yesterday was the perfect spring day, warm but not hot, a little breezy but not windy. We did take a bike ride to return some movies but no barbecues or other festivities.

It seems like all we did this weekend was spend money. First at Target on bags and bags of cat litter so we could wash out the cat boxes and get them all fresh and clean with all new litter, and bags and bags of cat food so that the cats could eat and then use their fresh clean litter boxes, and some grocery shopping for food for us, and another trip to the grocery store for more food for us, and a trip to Baja Fresh because we were too lazy to cook some of the food that we bought for us, and a few trips to Home Depot for Home Depot type stuff and damn, we spent a lot of money with nothing really to show for it. Except some clean litter boxes. Clean boxes for just a few minutes anyway. Seems like as soon as there is fresh litter, the cats all line up to see who gets to christen it first.

Other than spending money like drunken sailors, we did the usual stuff this weekend, Keith still working on his patio, me messing around working on some new soldered pendants, some housework, like steam cleaning the rugs because of cats having vomited on them, and some laundry, and watched one good movie and one very bad movie.

The good movie was The Fighter, definitely rent that one, and the bad movie was Skyline, a very low budget, very poorly acted sci-fi aliens are invading us movie. I wanted to turn it off but Keith wanted to see how it ended. Stooopid movie. And a total waste of a dollar.

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