Friday, April 1, 2011

Still Hungry

I just rode over to Foods Co to get some eggs because there was nothing to eat for breakfast here. And I woke up hungry. After eating my eggs and low carb yogurt I'm still hungry.

I was looking through the frozen food section looking for something, anything that doesn't have a pasta base but it seems like every Lean Cuisine or Stouffers entrees are all high carb. So...

I'm sick of salads and don't much care for canned soup. A big steak sounds pretty good but I'm not real good at cooking steak and what's a steak without a baked potato on the side anyway?

Oh well. I'll eat my turkey burger patties and cottage cheese which I'm getting pretty sick of, too.

Keith is on his last day of training this week and will be home late tonight. He called this morning because the window roller up thing broke and now the window is duct taped shut on the passenger side and of course none of the car dealership repair places do repairs like that on Saturdays, so he's going to ride down with one of his co-workers to work next week and I'll take the car over and get it fixed. It figures, his first week on the new out of town job and the car needs fixing.

It looks like he won't be home during the week for a long long time, his supervisor already has plans to send him all over the state so he can work in all the different places, then he has to pass his test to keep the job, then eventually go to Kansas for the welding school, then probably working all over the state each week again. I don't really mind being here by myself but it is a little strange at night. I thought I'd sleep better without him in the bed but so far that's not happening. I keep waking up 2 or 3 times a night having weird disturbing dreams and being hot and throwing off the covers, laying there for a while and then getting cold and pulling the covers back up. He's had a hard time sleeping in a strange bed, too. Hopefully he will get used to all of this and pass his test and all.


PussDaddy said...

I hate Healthy Choice dinners. They all taste like cardboard to me. I once tried a Lean Quisine turkey and dressing entree tho because I had a coupon to get one free and it tasted really good.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Good luck to him! I like when Jim is gone - for a few nights. Then it gets old. I eat better and less when he is gone too.