Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Keith's mom passed on quietly and comfortably during the night on Saturday. He is having a hard time dealing with it, a lot harder than he thought he would. There are still some things in Vegas that he will have to go back and take care of, some belongings of Kelly's that she left there and wants him to hold for her for if and when she ever comes back to the states, and the two cats that he is trying to find someone to take. Vegas is overrun with abandoned and homeless animals, much like Bakersfield, so it's not looking good for them. We'd bring them here but with all the cat drama we've already had going on here, adding more cats into the mix would just not work.

We're still waiting to hear if he really does have a job to go back to, his boss is supposed to call him after some paperwork arrives from the main headquarters, and the office lady called yesterday about his uniforms, so... we feel like we are in limbo here and the uncertainty isn't helping the grieving process any.

The office lady asked about his mom and then later in the day a flower truck pulls up in front of the house. We had just had a meat truck pull up and try to sell him some steaks a few minutes before so at first Keith was a little wary of the flower truck guy but it turned out that it was flowers from Savage Services and the office lady there. Well, not flowers exactly but a potted lily, the kind of lily you see in cartoons and old photos of funerals where the deceased is laying there holding the white lily. Actually kind of creepy. But a nice thought. We were going to bring the plant inside but figured the cats would eat it, so we will plant it in the front flower bed eventually.

Oh, and speaking of funerals and photographs, Keith was really creeped out when his sister in law started taking pictures of his mom laying there in her hospital bed. He had been sitting there with her and was giving her a hug and flashbulbs started going off and he was like what the? and then she took more pictures of him with his mom. To me that's just weird. He said that at times the room she was in was almost like a freak show, with all these people coming and going and pictures being taken and people from her church singing hymns and the poor woman in the bed next to her trying to get some rest while dozens of people were milling about the room. And everyone in hazmat suits with masks over their faces because both patients in the room were highly contagious with the weird bacteria bug thing that they had.

And about the cat drama. I put Lucy outside after the latest tearing up of Buddy happened and she has adapted pretty well to being out there, chasing off all of the cats that used to use our backyard as a huge litter box, but every time Buddy sees her out the window he gets all weird and picks on Mimi. We will probably end up taking Lucy to the pound, cruel as that may be, but having the inside cats still afraid of her even though she is on the other side of the window is not good. Besides the fact that we can't open up the back sliding door and have just the screen there because they would attack each other through the screen. Keith talked to some cat person about what the heck is going on with Lucy and apparently some female cats will just go off and become extremely territorial and attack anyone who gets in their way.

At least poor Bear has finally been brave enough to come out from under the bed and has even come all the way out into the living room, although she is still constantly checking over her shoulder.


PussDaddy said...

I am so sorry to hear it.


DancingMooney ♥ said...

So sorry to hear that hubby's mom passed, but at least she is at peace now... Sounds like if they are asking about uniforms, that he'll get his old job back too, which is good. Hopefully he'll have a couple weeks to grieve and relax a little before getting going again. So sorry about everything. ♥ *hugs*