Friday, April 8, 2011

Got Wheels!

We have our car back! With a window that actually rolls up and down once again!

Yesterday about 1:00 I get the much anticipated call from Bakersfield Chrysler Jeep that the car is done and ready to be picked up. I debated about calling a cab but didn't really want to spend however much it costs to ride across town in a cab, so I called the courtesy shuttle and he said he'd be by to pick me up in a little while. Do you need the address? I asked, but he said he remembered where the house was so okay, I'll be waiting. I kept an eye out the front window and about half an hour later I see the courtesy shuttle zooming down the street and past the house. And did I mention that it had just started pouring down rain?

So, I grab my jacket and keys and run out the front door to look down the street in the hopes that he is turning around and on his way back to the house and I see him sitting in the driveway four houses down, so I hurry on over before he gives up and leaves, and we are both laughing because he forgot which house it was and didn't have my phone number and now what? It all worked out in the end and we made it through the rain all the way across town to the dealership where my newly tuned up car with workable windows was waiting. It needs brakes but since that would have been another $500 or so that we don't really have right now, we'll wait and see if Keith can't do the brake job himself.

So, car keys and freedom to drive in hand, and with the rain having stopped, I decided to do a little shopping since I never get to go anywhere shopping that's not within biking distance. I wanted to go by Beverly Fabrics since they used to have a great selection of scrapbooking papers and such, but what a disappointment! Their paper department is sadly lacking these days and there was nothing there to buy! Isn't that always the case, though, you want to buy and you have a few bucks in your pocket just waiting to be spent, and nothing.

I had also been wanting to go downtown to the antique mall and hadn't been there since the economy crashed because when the economy crashes you don't buy antiques, but I wanted to look for vintage books for my pendants and gift boxes. I did find some good books to cut up and couldn't resist these little blue birds that were only $5.95 for the pair.

Aren't they the cutest?!?

So, shopping done for the day and time to go home because I'm getting very hungry, I start on down Rosedale Highway, the worst highway in the world for traffic, but the most direct route back home, and I'm going about 20mph down the highway because of so much traffic and of course it starts to POUR down rain again. And we are going 20mph for the next 5 or 6 miles and having to stop at the red lights at every intersection and I hate Rosedale Highway!

But, my little blue birds are cheerily sitting on my shelf in the kitchen and I've got some new books to work with and I can actually go someplace today if I want because I have a car today. With a window that works!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yay! For car and getting home. And for getting to go shopping by yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yay for those cute little birds, and getting the car fixed!