Friday, March 4, 2011

New (Old) Jeans and Giving Notice

I wore my $2.75 new old jeans yesterday and didn't have to yank anything up all day. They are normal everyday jeans that go up to your waist, none of this low rise crap, and the legs are slim fit and they fit perfectly and I was very comfortable in them. $2.75 well spent.

We typed up Keith's resignation letter last night and he will be giving it to his boss today. He's still kind of in shock that he will be quitting his job and going into the unknown. He talked to the training coordinator for BNSF yesterday and will be staying in Redlands for a week, and they are going to try and get his hotel room set up for Sunday night so that he can be all fresh for training on Monday morning. They get reimbursed for their breakfasts and dinners during the week and are provided a lunch each day. It will take a little while to get used to the new pay schedule, you start out at a reduced pay rate for the first week of training and then get a little more each week that you pass all the tests and move on and then finally move into the pay rate for the job. So, hopefully we won't have to send all of our money to the IRS this year and will have a little in reserve for the weeks that he is waiting for his first paycheck.

He decided to give 2 weeks notice and then take that last week off in between jobs to hopefully get some of the unfinished things done around here, like moving the computer out of the bedroom among lots of other things, and to relax a little before the job starts because it will be a long time before he gets another vacation. This will only work if his job does indeed pay you for unused vacation time when you resign since he has like 50 hours on the books.

So, anyway...

I got inspired to redo all of my shop pictures yesterday with some paper for the background that kind of matches my shop banner so I'll be all coordinated and such, so I'll be working on that for the next few days as long as the skies stay sunny enough to take pictures.

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