Monday, March 28, 2011

More Mean Kitty and Other Stuff

I spoke too soon yesterday. I was doing something in the kitchen and turn around to see Bear frozen in place by the hall and Lucy down the hall growling at her. Bear didn't know what to do because her escape route to the bedroom was blocked by growling Lucy so out came the spray bottle and some yelling at Lucy on my part and then back under the bed Bear went. Sigh.

Well, today is the first day of Keith's new job. He did the yard yesterday morning and we had lunch and then he got his stuff all packed up and got his maps ready and got money for food and gas and off he went. It was really weird watching him leave knowing that he'll be gone until Friday night. Then if he passes all his tests and moves on in the training he'll be gone for even longer to Kansas for welding school.

I thought that I would sleep really well having the bed all to myself, but not really. I called him this morning to make sure he was up and ready to go and he didn't sleep well, either. The hotel is right by the railroad tracks so he could hear trains going by all night and dogs barking and the little refrigerator in his room makes weird noises.

I'm figuring out my plan for the week, today I'll do some vacuuming and dusting and pick up a few things from the store, and then work on some new gift tag things for the shop. I have a bunch of new pendants to take pictures of if the sun ever comes out again. We are supposed to get some nicer warmer weather this week and I'm so looking forward to that because I am tired of being cold. Remind me that I said that when I start complaining about how hot it is in a few months.

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