Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pants and Stuff

I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do much of anything today. Slow sales equals not wanting to make anything because what's the point, anyway. I'm trying to think of something else to do like maybe make a quilt or something but my sewing machine is a piece of junk (you do get what you pay for after all) and makes sewing frustrating rather than fun. So, unless I go buy a decent sewing machine I think I'll put that idea on the back burner for a while. Plus there's the fact that I'd have to buy a bunch of fabric to cut up and then sew back together. So, we'll see.

I did get some real cleaning done in the kitchen and living room yesterday, dusting all the stuff that rarely gets dusted and scrubbing the counter tops down and all that kind of stuff. I watched the Today show while cleaning and was treated to more insane ramblings from Charlie Sheen. I love his show but I'm thinking he is shooting himself in the foot here and his career is going to come to a screeching halt in about five minutes. But, any publicity is good publicity, right? We're all talking about him anyway.

I'm going to ride over to the Goodwill today and see if I can find some cheap pants. I got this pair of jeans at Walmart a few months ago for $12.00 and I really liked the jeans for the first month or so, very comfortable with just the right amount of stretch and just the right length, not like my other pair of pants that I have to roll up so I'm not walking on the pant leg. I suppose I could hem them up but that means getting out the aforementioned junky sewing machine or sewing it by hand and I'm just too lazy to do that, so I roll them up. Anyway, something happened with these jeans and now they don't stay up and I'm constantly walking around uncomfortable because they are drooping down my hips and driving me crazy because I have to keep yanking them back up. I don't know how those kids can stand wearing their pants under their bottoms with all their underwear hanging out like they do, maybe that is why they are so cranky and go around shooting each other, because they are yanking up their pants all day long and having to walk funny because otherwise their pants would be down around their ankles.

Anyway, I need some new pants that I don't have to yank up all day long and I don't want to pay new pants prices so I'll see what I can find for about $3.75 a pair over at Goodwill today.


PussDaddy said...

I had to buy all new pants when I stopped smoking and gained weight and mostly all I could find was jeans with my ass hanging out too. I also got them at Walmart, they were Angels, and only $12 and I knew I wasn't done gaining weight yet and would end up buying more so for $12 I walked around with half my ass hanging out. I tried to wear a longer shirt to cover it.


Anonymous said...

I buy a lot of my clothes at goodwill too... One thing I've given up FOR GOOD is jeans that have stretch in them... that might be why yours don't fit right anymore... they just loose their shape after a while I guess... argh. ♥

Anonymous said...

p.s. My friend Cher really really loves her pendant, thank you! :)