Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stinky Chicken

You can tell you live in a Klassy with a capital K kind of neighborhood when you see this right down the street.

Yep, we ghetto.

I've been making a lot of chicken lately and experimenting with the packaged marinade mixes that come in flavors like Carribean Jerk and Hawaiian Luau. Easy to mix the stuff up in a bag, stick the chicken in there, let it sit for a while, and then cook it up. My kind of lazy dinner prep. But it stinks. And makes the whole house stink. Even with the stove fan running and the kitchen window open it just plain old stinks. After cleaning up the kitchen, incense is burned and air freshener sprayed but it still stinks. Something about the layout of this tiny house spreads stinky cooking smells into every room and you go to bed at night smelling dinner smells in the bedroom. Despite the copious amounts of incense burned and air freshener sprayed.

There have been many mornings when I've been awakened by Keith cooking up some smelly kind of breakfast with his liberal dashes of garlic and seasoning salt and nothing wakes you up faster than stinky breakfast smell. No wafting of delicious coffee brewing or cinnamon bun baking but garlic and seasoning salt assaulting your olfactory senses first thing in the morning.

You'd think our house would stink of cat boxes (and it does sometimes when one of them goes for a poop and DOESN'T COVER IT UP) but, no, our house smells of Carribean Jerks and Hawaiian Luaus.


Anonymous said...

oh man! I would have thought those sauces would be fun to cook with too... argh!

PussDaddy said...

My husband can cook some stinky stuff that lingers like that. One is calimare, not sure if I spelled it correctly so let's just say squid. He is really fond of spices too and some of them stink to high heaven and have even woken me up out of a sound sleep.