Friday, January 14, 2011

Kitteh Bellehs

Harri and Bear were enjoying the sun on their bellies yesterday. Total bliss.

So calm and relaxed. But not for long. The cats are all grounded from the garage today. Last night Keith had closed the kitty door and was doing some whatever he does out in the garage with the big garage door open. He didn't realize that one of the next door cats had gotten in the garage and he closed the door and then opened the kitty door back up. Well, all hell broke loose shortly after with growling and cat moaning and banging around in the garage and Keith runs out there to find both Lucy and Buddy ganged up on Mimi, hissing and snarling and both of them on top of her biting her. She was so scared that she peed all over the floor while they were biting her. Whichever next door cat had gotten in the garage was hiding somewhere and every single one of our cats were growling and moaning and all freaked out. I was in the shower while all this was going on and came out to sounds of what I thought were very loud motors rumbling from outside, but it was our cats rumbling. Poor Mimi ran under our bed to hide, Lucy was hissing and snarling at everyone, Buddy and Pepper were growling, Harri was hiding under the behind the couch table, and Bear was on top of the bed kind of frozen and not making a sound.

Keith goes out into the garage with a spray bottle to scare the next door cat with and get it out of there and also clean up the Mimi pee.

After a few hours everyone starts calming down and we let them go back into the garage. Where they start getting freaked out again because they can still smell intruder cat smells and terrified Mimi pee smells, so they start moaning and growling at each other again. So, today, nobody is going in the garage. Which will drive Buddy nuts.

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PussDaddy said...

Love them belleh's!