Monday, December 6, 2010

Finally Feeling a Little Better

Now I know how bad Keith felt with his cold. I felt horrible all weekend but woke up this morning actually feeling a little better and without a nose full of snot. Saturday was the worst, with me laying on the couch reading a book all afternoon in between taking cold medicine and blowing my nose. I felt so lousy that I didn't even go to the company Christmas dinner, no big loss but I was looking forward to a free meal. Keith went by himself and got his bonus check, which after taxes wasn't all that much of a bonus but will at least pay for a few tanks of gas.

He did end up doing the gift exchange thing, he had gone to Vons to pick up a few things and ended up buying a bunch of junk along with a little rechargeable flashlight thing for the gift exchange. I told him that a flashlight was a really cheap gift and to add some other tool or something to it so on the way to the dinner he stopped at Home Depot and got some little folding pliers or something and then had to stop at the dollar store to get a bag to put the gift in, but the guy who got the gift didn't seem to mind a cheap gift too much. He came home with a big framed picture from the company that they do every year, a group picture with each month's safety card arranged in the frame. He just puts those out in the garage every year because who wants a framed group picture with safety cards arranged around it hanging in your house, and he ended up with a bag of movies as his gift, movies that we haven't seen and might actually watch. The best part of the gifts was the big bag that the safety picture thing came in, Mimi latched onto that and has been sitting either in or on it ever since.

I actually got a couple of sales in the new Mimi and Lucy shop this weekend, so that's a good start. Etsy has this new 'social' thing on our shops, an activity feed that is actually kind of fun, you can see if someone has favorited an item or put you in a treasury, or even bought something all in the same place. They have another new thing called circles but that part of the whole new social aspect of Etsy just seems a little silly. Apparently down the road somewhere the search function may just return things more personalized, so if you aren't in enough circles maybe you'll be ostracized from the search or something, I don't know.

New- Robin Red Breast

House and Home

Yesterday I was feeling exceptionally lazy what with having been sick all weekend and all and didn't want to cook anything for dinner but was craving a hamburger since I haven't had a hamburger not to mention bread in so long. A hamburger and some french fries, so I suggested running up to McDonalds which is edible and does have the best french fries because of the crack or whatever it is they fry them in, no matter what you think of McDonalds, but Keith didn't want McDonalds so we decided to try Wendy's because they have the new 'natural' french fries. Well.

That was the worst hamburger I've ever had in my life and the french fries weren't much better. If you are going to go off your low carb diet and have a hamburger and french fries, DON'T GO TO WENDY'S! The hamburger had absolutely no flavor and was kind of soggy, and I decided that the hamburgers they used to serve in school cafeterias were better than this Wendy's hamburger. Heck, the hamburgers they serve at 7-11 probably are better. What a waste of a good junk food opportunity. Yuck, and yes, I'll be right back on my boring low carb tasteless diet today.

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PussDaddy said...

I am glad you feel better.I haven't gotten sick with a cold yet this year, knock on wood.

I agree, the group picture gift sucked. I could use a flashlight and pliers though. And movies are good.

I do love your mimi and lucy stuff. I especially love that sister pendant.

Someone actually added me to that social circle thing on Etsy but I have no idea how, but I got an email that they did. Of course the usual crabby patties had to bitch about it even tho they didn't even know what it was for. I would think it would be a help rather than a hindrence but when you habitually gripe if you stop all of a sudden you can drop dead from shock so better to be safe than sorry I guess.

I have only eaten at a Wendy's once in my life and I must not have liked it as that is the only time I ever ate there.