Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cat Fight!

Yesterday after work Keith had the big garage door open and the kitty door into the garage closed so that none of our cats escaped to the great outdoors while he messed around with stuff in the garage. While he's messing around with stuff a couple of the cats next door were hanging around our open garage door. Their little Siamese boy cat  is really friendly and would rather hang out in our yard because he actually gets some petting and attention. Their ginger girl cat is the same way, she sleeps on our porch and in our back yard. They also have a cat that looks just like Lucy and every time I see their Lucy cat outside I have to do a double take to make sure it's not our Lucy cat. Anyway, Siamese boy had been in and out of the garage a few times and the Lucy cat had actually ventured in, which she's never done before, so Keith checked around for stray cats before shutting the big garage door and unblocking the kitty door into the garage.

We sit down to dinner and Buddy goes out the kitty door into the garage. A few minutes later we hear cats snarling and screeching in the garage and all of our cats that are still in the house freak out and run all over the place with the exception of Lucy who runs through the cat door into the garage to see what's going on in there. We both bolt from our chairs and run into the garage where Buddy, Lucy, and the look alike Lucy cat are in a big ball scratching and snarling and spitting and biting. Keith opens up the big door so that the panicked look alike Lucy cat can get out of our garage while I run out the front door and around to the garage to make sure that our cats don't follow her out into the driveway.

We see Buddy growling and making that weird distress low moaning sound in his belly and see what we think is our Lucy hiding under a bunch of wood also making distress sounds at least we think it is our Lucy but aren't sure because she looks just like the other Lucy cat and which one is still in the garage?

We finally coax both cats out from under the wood and look at Lucy's paws to make sure it's our Lucy, she has one paw that is a different color than the others, and it is indeed our Lucy who is so upset and still making that weird moaning low growl I'm all freaked out noise. Buddy is also still upset and making his low moaning growling noises.

We go back inside to finish our dinner, leaving Buddy and Lucy to calm down enough to come back in the house so that we can check them for wounds. They both survived without any blood being drawn that we could see anyway, and I don't think Lucy lookalike cat will be going into our garage again any time soon.


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