Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Swattin' Flies

For some reason, flies really really like our front patio. It's really pleasant to sit out front and read or just enjoy the breeze but not when there are flies flying around and landing on you and crawling around on you. Not only do they like our front patio but they like to hang out by the screen door so that they can sneak in the house every time you open up the screen to go in or out. The cats enjoy having flies in the house because they can chase them around and maybe even catch and eat one, but I don't enjoy flies in the house very much. And, yesterday, we had dozens of them in the house. And hundreds of them hanging on the back door screen hoping we would open that up so they could come inside and join their friends. We felt like hillbillies as we wandered around the house with our fly swatters. And seeing hundreds of flies hanging on the back door screen is creepy.

Believe it or not, that was the highlight of our weekend.

We didn't go anywhere on Saturday, we had gone to Trader Joe's after Keith got home from work on Friday and spent most of our grocery budget there, so I had to revamp the grocery list, crossing off most of what was on there and only putting the bare minimum of things that we can't or don't want to get at Trader Joe's, and I decided to wait until yesterday morning to go over to Winco and spend the rest of our money.

Before I could go to Winco, though, we had to go pick up a few other things, like Home Depot for the plastic line cutting stuff for the weed whacker, and Petco for filters for the cat's fountain water dish, and Target for cat food and litter. And then to the gas station for gas because while we were leaving Petco without the filters because it was only 9:15 and they don't open until 10 on Sunday the car started dinging to let us know we were almost out of gas. And then back to Petco after it finally opened because nobody else carries the water dish filters.

By then I was hungry so I wanted to eat my oatmeal before going to Winco so I wouldn't buy everything in sight because I was so hungry. And I wanted to go to Winco without Keith because it takes twice as long when he comes along and he always buys stuff that is not on my list, resulting in twice as much money spent. He still wanted to come along but I told him no, we've had enough togetherness this morning and I'll just go and get it done really quick.

And then after that we spent most of the day swatting flies.

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