Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finally Fall?

I am really looking forward to fall weather, and we are promised a big cool down in temps later this week. It really hasn't been as bad this summer, but I am a little tired of sweating and having the air conditioner on, not to mention the big fat electric bills that having the air conditioner on causes.

We had a quiet Labor Day weekend, no surprises there. Keith wasn't feeling very well, what with working in 100 degree temps all last week and taking this medication for a sinus infection where the side effects of the meds, including nausea and other intestinal difficulties, were quite probably worse than the sinus infection. He seemed to feel a little better yesterday and we took our free movie tickets (thanks, Jennifer!) and went to see Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio. I didn't think that the theatre would be all that crowded since the movie has been out for a little while, but apparently all the other movie goers thought the same thing and we had to sit right in the front row. The place was packed full. Excellent movie and well worth the admission price (free!). It was so good that even though I had to go to the bathroom really really bad towards the end, I didn't want to miss anything so waited and then made a mad dash for the bathroom before the closing credits even started to roll.

I did some working on Halloween gift bags this weekend. Like these.

Bats and candy corn.

Vampire Bats.

Swirls and Jack o Lanterns.

And that's about it around here.

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PussDaddy said...

It is cooling down here too. You need a jacket at night. I had a very busy Labor Day weekend myself. Your gift bags are just adorable.