Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dude, Where's My Phone Part Two

About an hour after Keith left for Vegas yesterday afternoon he called and asked me to look for his work cell phone that he couldn't find in the car. I was reminded of the time that he called me from work and while he was talking patted his pocket where he keeps his phone and thought he had lost it. The phone that he was talking to me on.

So the first thing I asked him was what he was calling me on which turned out to be a pay phone out in Mojave. Probably one of the last pay phones on the planet and of course it is out in the desert. Anyway I looked around the house and no phone so I told him to give me the pay phone number and I would hang up and dial his work phone number to see if it rang in the house somewhere which it didn't because it rang in his toiletry bag in the car and he found the phone and all was well. Why didn't he call his cell phone number from the pay phone first? Because I don't know how to answer his cell phone and if it rings here at the house I can't answer it because I can never remember what button to push to answer it.

So, he called again at about 10 pm and had seen his mom who basically was still sleeping. They'll all go back to the hospital again today. The doctors are monitoring the new anti seizure meds to see how she'll tolerate them and probably move her out of the ICU in a day or two.

In other news, Taft High School is banning cell phones this year. Of course lots of kids are all up in arms because you know they only use those phones in case their parents need to call them in an emergency and what are they going to do now? As one kid who probably gets A's because he has half a brain said, that's what the attendance office is for, the parents call them who in turn call the kid out of class. Like back in the olden days. With old fashioned phones and everything.

Hey kids, if you need to talk to your friends during class and you can't text each other now, there is this thing called paper that you write words down on with a pencil and then you fold up the paper really small and pass it to the person behind you who then in turn passes it along until it gets to your friend. There is also the wadded up spitball approach where you throw the paper when the teacher's back is turned.

The other night the kids were all going crazy at the back door slider, crashing into the vertical blinds and pawing at the glass. There was a little baby frog right outside the door hopping around and driving then absolutely nuts. I finally had to open up the blinds all the way so that they would stop crashing around in them and driving me nuts.

I made my beef stew recipe last night, and yes it's not exactly a summer meal, but anyway, I made it in the crock pot that we got as a gift at the company Christmas dinner the year before last. The crock pot that I forgot we had and have only used twice and had a big dent in it when we got it. The people at Keith's work are notorious for re-gifting so I'm thinking either they got this crock pot and didn't want it because of the big dent or got it on special at the scratch and dent sale at K-Mart. Anyway, I forgot I had it and only found it when Buddy got into the cabinet by the stove, one of those cabinets with all the wasted dark hole space in the corner that things get lost in. There's some other stuff back there that I really should pull out and see what it is, but I'll save that for another day.

Anyway, the beef stew came out just like it does when I bake it so the crock pot part was a success, but then when I was trying to wash out all the baked on beef stew in the crock part of the pot I knocked it against the edge of the sink and it cracked and a big chunk came out of it. So, I'm wondering if the big dent in the side of the crock pot had something to do with the cracking and big chunk coming out of it, but at least I didn't have to finish washing it out. That's one way to avoid dish washing, just break the stuff and then you can throw it away.

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