Thursday, July 15, 2010

Soothing Night Sounds

The nights here in the summer are really rather pleasant with temps that stay well into the 80's well into the night. We've had lots of crickets chirping each evening, lots and lots of crickets or cicadas or whatever they are this year. I did see a story on the news about how loud the local mountains have been this year what with this being the year of cicadas coming out of the ground.

Anyway, the sound of the crickets can be very soothing when trying to go to sleep, and since it's a constant white noise sort of sound with memories of warm summer nights associated with it, it does help your mind relax and let the sleep come. Until last night.

I come to bed about midnight and I'm not hearing crickets. What I'm hearing are some very loud, very cheerful, very happy to be alive birds singing, chirping, tweeting, whistling. Very loudly. It was a lovely sound, just not in the middle of the night already. What the heck? I've never heard birds singing around here at night, did some nighttime singers decide to move into the neighborhood? Aren't all the little birdies supposed to be sleeping at night?

After googling nighttime singers I'm assuming it must be a family of mockingbirds, a very LARGE and LOUD family of mockingbirds because apparently they like to sing at night. All night long.

I was getting my coffee this morning and saw some water dripped onto the floor and threw a towel down to wipe it up but of course was too lazy to pick the towel back up. Lucy thought it looked like a good place to sit a spell.

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PussDaddy said...

OMG one of those loud cicadas or whatever started his crap right outside my window I had to open because my A.C. went out and I had to close the window as I couldn't stand it anymore.

Lucy looks so cute.