Friday, July 9, 2010

Soft Summer Breezes and Vomiting Cats

It smells like poop outside today. Ah, the lovely summer breezes wafting through the dairy farms and freshly fertilized fields on their way to Bakersfield!

Today is payday and since we have direct deposit I've already paid the bills except for the electric bill which isn't here yet and after we buy some food and household necessities we'll be broke again. We had nothing in the house for dinner last night so we went over to Los Hermanos for some Mexican food. We love Los Hermanos, it's a cross between Taco Bell and a real sit down Mexican restaurant. You order at the counter but they bring your food on real plates with real silverware and it doesn't cost much more than Taco Bell but tastes a WHOLE lot better.

And now I'm trying to figure out cheap meals for the next two weeks so I can make my cheap grocery list. Scrambled eggs for dinner will be on the menu, along with bean burritos. Maybe some sweet and sour chicken too, that's fairly cheap to make and actually has a vegetable or two in the recipe.

They've been showing that Publishers Clearing House commercial where you could win (fat chance of that!) $5000.00 a week for life. Which would be really nice. I always wonder how they can give away so much money, is selling magazine subscriptions really that lucrative? Maybe I should enter, because SOMEBODY has to win, right? And it might as well be me, right? Like that would ever happen.

And yesterday was the day of vomiting cats. I don't know what was up with that, if it was the cheap Boots and Barkley cat food from Target or what, but it seemed like EVERY cat in the house was hacking and gagging and leaving little presents for us all over the house. All over our already crappy carpet. Then late last night, and I'm so glad I was still up to catch it, Lucy vomited all over, and I mean ALL OVER the top of the entertainment center. ALL OVER it. She likes to lay up top there and if I hadn't been there to wipe it all up, it would have been up there forever, because how often do I climb up on a ladder to clean in places that I can't see? Not often.

We threw away the cheap Target cat food just in case that was the problem.

Oh, I do have some new beach glass pendants in the shop.

I did some with wiring and some with a bail. I found some really good glass glue at Michaels, like a super glue where if you get it on your fingers better not touch anything or you'll be permanently attached, either that or lose your fingerprints trying to detach yourself.

I've pretty much decided to just concentrate on the one Etsy shop for now. I tried the second shop for artwork and did get some sales, but I'm going to close that one after all the listings expire and just have everything in one shop. I'm going to close the Artfire shop, too, even the top sellers over there don't sell much. Yes, you get your listings uploaded to google shopping, but what good is that when nobody is buying those listings? There is a new site that is free to list, efreeme, but if it's like all the other start ups, not much will happen there, either. I think that if anyone is going to buy handmade, they are going to go to Etsy first, even if half the crap on Etsy is not handmade and is exactly that, crap. I might give efreeme a try, since right now they are paying you $5.00 if you list 20 items. I'm sure a lot of sellers are listing their 20 items just to get the $5.00 these days.


Diana said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm the creator of and I just wanted to encourage you to try us out. I know we're very new and right now still very basic, but we are working very hard to add more features and grow with our users (we launched just over one month ago, so we're doing quite well considering!)

We don't charge any listing or commission fees, so that's also a big bonus (for example, if you sell 1000 items a year at an average of $10 each, that's approx. $550 in fees on etsy).

We have had a few sales on efreeme so far, which is quite good considering we haven't even begun to market to buyers (right now we are focusing on sellers to get a wide variety of items on the site).

Anyways, I hope you'll give us a shot. I'd really love for efreeme to make it so we can provide all you talented artists a free place to sell their creations!

Have a lovely weekend (one without poop smell and cat vomit!)


CapriciousCat said...


I was just perusing, after reading about it in your blog, and I recognized your pendants, which are being featured on the front page. I clicked on one of them and, sure enough, it IS you! How cool, you have an instantly recognizable style! I hope this brings you lots and lots of sales. Good luck :)

PussDaddy said...

I use a lot of hamburger myself geelizzie. You can make lots of stuff with it. Spaghetti, sloppyjoes, tacos, hamburger steaks, hamburger helper, meat loaf.

Sometimes my cats don't throw up for a while then all of a sudden they all do it a lot. I don't know why.

I saw your glass pendants the other day. They looked really nice.


Anonymous said...

I've tried multiple shops and various other sites over the last couple of years too, and came to the same conclusion. Having one shop on etsy is just the best/easiest way for me to build my business.

I hate the idea of paying more than one set of fees to anybody, in a month... so that's one check on the list for a sole etsy shop.

and then, I'm just not talented enough to promote more than one site at a time anyways. I figure, having variety within one shop, is kinda the same as 'not having all your eggs in one basket' except that they are still all in the same store.

on the other hand, I've read that some of the most successful website entreprenures, have the most success when they promote their varieties of things, all in one place, as long as those things are all relevant to each other.

It's kinda like Arm & Hammer. I was thinking about that company today. in fact, I'm going to do a blog post about it, just cause you've got my mind turning... check with me soon. LOL.