Monday, July 12, 2010

New Coffee Pot and Other Fun Weekend Happenings

It was a rather dull weekend here. It was HOT so after we went to Trader Joe's and Winco Saturday morning we stayed inside the house with the shades drawn and the air conditioner on. Then yesterday we went downtown to the Rabobank Arena and Convention Center for an indoor air conditioned totally lame Home and Backyard Show. They have these home shows twice a year here at the Fairgrounds and they are somewhat interesting and something to do, but this show was just kind of sad. It was inside the concert hall, so you go down through all the seats, up over the stage, and behind the stage curtains where there is a huge room, which I'm assuming they use for conventions since it is the Convention Center after all. I had no idea there was so much space behind the stage since I've only been to a show here once before and of course didn't go backstage. Anyway, it was pretty boring, and they had not one but two booths both selling the same cookware with the same demonstration of said cookware. And some people selling purses and jeans, what that has to do with your home and backyard I don't know, unless you need a new purse and pair of pants to go into your backyard.

So, after we got home from that, and I'm SO glad it was free to get into the show because I would have been really upset if we had actually wasted money on paying to get in, we came home and once again stayed inside the house with the shades drawn and the air conditioner on. (Keeping the shades drawn helps keep the house cool, it's not because we are recluses or anything.)

While getting the kitchen ready for dinner, I thought I should wash out the coffee pot, which doesn't get washed out all that often, and broke the carafe when I knocked it against the side of the sink. So, after dinner we walked over to Target to replace the carafe because there is no way I am going a morning without my coffee. We found the replacement Mr. Coffee carafe and then saw the price tag of like $14.00 on it, looked at the brand new complete Mr. Coffee coffee pots which were only a few dollars more than the replacement carafe and were kind of thinking why not pay a few dollars more for a brand new coffee pot when the carafe is almost as much? So, while we are looking at the brand new coffee pots, we see a Chefmate pot on sale for $7.00. Well, heck, lets just go for the Chefmate pot which is half the price of the replacement carafe alone. So now we have a new Chefmate coffee pot, which made perfectly good coffee just like the more expensive Mr. Coffee would have this morning.

We are in for a hot hot week, well actually a hot hot few months here, so I'm sure I'll be doing lots of complaining about how HOT it is in all my posts for weeks on end. Be prepared.

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Anonymous said...

nah, that's a pretty exciting weekend if you ask me! You left the house! Twice! :D

and you got a new coffee pot! LOL.