Saturday, June 5, 2010

Etsy Front Page

Or- My Fifteen Minutes of Fame.

Yesterday morning I had a message on Etsy that one of my coaster sets was included in a treasury. A treasury is just a collection of someone's favorites or a theme they create or whatever, and front pages are chosen from the treasuries. No big deal, they changed how the treasuries work and now anyone can make as many as they like and I've been in quite a few lately in my home before dark shop. But, I'm looking at the treasury thinking that it has that 'Etsy aesthetic' and could be in the running for the front page. And whaddya know, later on in the day I just happened to log onto Etsy and there it was, on the front page complete with my coaster set!

The coaster set ended up getting over 300 views in the hour that the treasury was on the front page. Nobody actually BOUGHT that coaster set but I did sell another set and a couple of other things yesterday. Wish I could be on the front page every day!

I had to frantically search the internet for the directions on how to do a screenshot because my mind just doesn't remember these types of things. This time I bookmarked the instructions. just in case. But I'm sure it'll be another few years before I'm lucky enough to land on the front page again.

I also listed some new vintage wooden checker pendants on both Etsy and Artfire yesterday.

Space Age Blue Robot Vintage Checker Pendant: on Artfire.

Dog With Boot Vintage Checker Pendant: on Etsy

Tiger Vintage Wood Checker Pendant: on Etsy

Other than that excitement, yesterday was just another end to just another week. It's getting hot now and we are promised temps almost into the 100's this weekend. Like 98 or so. Ick.

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PussDaddy said...

Well congrats to you. I'll fetch the smelling salts. And your new stuff is great.