Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm ravenous. I'm not used to waking up hungry, usually it takes a few hours for my stomach to go 'oh, I'm a little empty here, can you get me some yogurt and a double fiber english muffin and then I won't bother you until lunch?' But, no, the past few days it's more like 'I AM HUNGRY ENOUGH TO WHERE THE CATS ARE LOOKING PRETTY TASTY SO FEED ME NOW!!'

So, I feed my stomach but it's not satisfied and still wants more food and MORE FOOD NOW! I have been so stinking hungry the past few days, all day long, the kind of hungry that is actually painful. The kind of hunger where you eat a normal lunch, like yesterday was grilled cheese and an apple, and you are STILL HUNGRY. And an hour or two later and YOU ARE STARVING! If you haven't experienced extreme hunger pains I can't quite describe them other than it makes you really cranky and tired and all you can think about is finding something to eat that will make the pain go away, but eating something doesn't quite make it all go away and you are still hungry and cranky AND MY STOMACH ACTUALLY HURTS! And this is not right and not normal and what the heck is going on here anyway?

So, since google is my friend, I googled extreme hunger pain and this is what I think is going on. I've been taking meds for my thyroid the past few years and I'm thinking that they are not really working anymore so it's time for new blood work and doctor visits and all that crap, because from what I've read if your thyroid isn't working right and the meds aren't working right, EXTREME HUNGER PAINS are a symptom. How's that for self diagnosing?

I also read a lot about the kinds of foods to eat to help with this and some vitamins that might help, too. Protein seems to be the key, with small meals or snacks every couple of hours. Dairy helps too, and yesterday I did have a glass of milk when I was experiencing the EXTREME HUNGER PAINS and it did take them away for a little while. I'm not a big milk drinker because I just don't like the taste all that much, but since it helps I'll start drinking it like I'm supposed to.

Okay, enough complaining.

Oh, wait, I'm not quite done yet.

What is that old saying about March? In like a lion and out like a lamb? Well, that seems to be the way my Etsy shops have been, March was a good month for sales but as soon as march baa baa baad it's way out, everything just stopped. Tumbleweeds are blowing and crickets are chirping. So, just a little complaint here about slow and no sales, just when it looked like things were turning around.

And since sales are so slow I took new pictures of everything in my shop and have been sitting at the computer uploading new pictures which takes forever. Especially when you have little helpers.

Mimi was wandering around behind the computer screen which always makes me nervous because there are tempting wires and stuff back there that look tasty to kitties so I lured her out with a crumpled post it note, crumpled paper being her favorite toy.

So then she stood right in front of me batting the paper off of the desk onto the floor. But not jumping off the desk to go after the paper, instead waiting for me to pick up her paper for her and put it back on the desk so she can bat it off again because that's fun.

I finally had to just pick her up and make her move so I could see what I was doing. Buddy does the same thing but can't fit behind the computer anymore so he just walks back and forth in front of it.

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Anonymous said...

try a peanut butter sandwich if you're still hungry.

or better yet, peanut butter, bananas and honey. Yumm.

good protein, fills ya up.

oh, and try a glass of milk with that too.

that should do the trick.