Saturday, March 13, 2010

I've Said it Before

But it bears repeating.

Don't bother buying expensive beds for your furry feline friends.

They prefer a cardboard box.

Wow, I woke up today and was in total shock. I had a sale for 37, yes, THIRTY SEVEN items this morning. Whoa.

I was in a total panic, though, because I was running short on ball chains for my pendants and didn't know if I had enough to get the order out. I used to pack all of my pendants away with the ball chains included but then thought that if the pendant never sold, the ball chain is being wasted sitting there in a box, so I started adding the chains as the pendants sold. Which worked pretty well until today. When I had to go over to Michaels and pay 2.99 for ball chains because I didn't have enough here. I had been holding off on ordering more because I really didn't have the money for them but finally broke down and ordered 100 of them yesterday from this wholesale place online. But of course they don't get here overnight and won't be here until sometime next week. A little too late for my big order this morning.

Then, of course, I had to go get a box to put everything in, went over to Office Depot and got one but when I got home realized it was way too big, so had to go back and get a smaller one. I did make it to the post office before the mail went out today, so it's on it's way to Australia. I was thinking maybe I should send it fedex or ups so I could track it, but after going on the ups website and finally filling in all the little boxes correctly after about 3 tries because whatever I kept filling in apparently wasn't what they wanted to know, the shipping calculated out to 140.00. What? So, regular mail it is, and hopefully it will get there okay so I don't have to refund the big huge order back to the buyer. I get nervous with big orders going overseas, but, knock on wood, I haven't had one go totally missing yet. By the way, it was only 17.64 to go first class mail.

Anyway, it was a nice way to start out the day but now I'm worn out. I've been having pain in my leg like a pulled muscle or something and it's been really hard to get to sleep because it hurts when I lay down in my usual way of laying down, and I've had to take a tylenol p.m. to get to sleep. Then I still wake up at my usual time no matter how late I finally get to sleep. So, I'm tired tonight. And I get to lose an hour of sleep because we have to spring forward tonight. Well, not really lose an hour, just wake up at my usual time but the clock will say it's an hour later. That is if we remember to set those clocks ahead.

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