Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, I hope everyone else had a more exciting Valentine's/President's Day weekend than we did. We watched some Olympics and I did some housework and laundry and Keith did some yard work and more sawing and sanding and nailing in the kitchen. Next weekend the trim should be ready for painting. Maybe.

We had planned on using a gift card for Applebee's that we got for Christmas to go out for a Valentine's lunch but neither of us had been feeling all that well with stomach and digestive issues, I'm wondering if we gave ourselves a little touch of food poisoning or something, so we decided to save the gift card for when we would enjoy the food more. We did start feeling better last night, so whatever it was seems to be going away.

I went ahead and opened a second etsy shop over the weekend which was probably a bad time to open since it seemed like nobody but the sellers were on etsy, all the buyers were busy vacationing for the weekend or spending their money on flowers, champagne, and chocolates, but the shop is up and it will be for the non-jewelry stuff, so we'll see how that goes. Here's a link if you want to check it out:

And here's some of what's going to be in it.

Today I'm going to fold the laundry that's still in the dryer and re-clean the house since the sawing and sanding and nailing got dust all over the place, clean some cat boxes, and maybe even work on some more collages.

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Anonymous said...

so cool! i've been working on collage lately too, I need to send you that package! oy!