Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl

Yes, we watched the Super Bowl last night. Not that we are really all that into football or any sports for that matter, but you kind of have to watch the Super Bowl, right? I did know who Peyton Manning was because of the cute commercials that he does, but I didn't know what team he is on or that he was even going to be in the Super Bowl, and as far as what teams were playing and who the players are I really didn't have a clue. I did get to see the winning interception and the run for the touchdown which was the most exciting part of the game for me. I never did like The Who and if they hadn't had the light show and fireworks going on I think I would have turned that part of the Super Bowl off. I'm sorry, but watching old rockers doing old songs just doesn't thrill me. Whatever happened to the half time shows where the band marches and the cheerleaders dance anyway? We really didn't care who won the game, but it was nice to see the team that has never been to the Super Bowl take home the trophy.

Keith wanted ribs for his Super Bowl food so I went to Vons yesterday morning to get him some ribs, but they were completely out of the already made ribs and the only ones they had were the big packages of pre-seasoned ones that were on 'sale' for $18.00. How much? $18.00?!? Um, no, I'm not paying that much for ribs considering that I won't even eat them because I don't like ribs, so instead I got some frozen Fridays restaurant cheese sticks and potato skins, which were a total waste of money and I should have just spent the money on the ribs after all. Like most frozen entrees, they never look like the picture on the package after you cook them. He was disappointed that I came home without ribs so later in the day he went to another store to find himself some ribs. He came back with some unseasoned ones and got every spice we have out of the cupboards and concocted himself some sauce to put on his ribs. He went through all of our cookbooks to see how long to bake them for since we don't have a barbecue and of course none of the cookbooks had any recipes for baked ribs so I googled how long to bake them for.

The pan that he cooked the ribs in is still soaking in soapy water this morning because his barbecue sauce concoction made a big old black mess in the bottom of the pan, but he ate his ribs and enjoyed them, so that's the only part that really matters, right?


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

We had ribs yesterday too. We pressure cook them for 30-45 minutes then put them on the BBQ with some sauce for about 5 minutes. Turn out great. We went and saw Avatar in 3D - way cool!! Better than some lame ole football game anyday. We were (like complete fools) up at 1 am trying to catch the America's Cup race on live stream on the internet, but they postponed for no wind. So some fools sit around and watch a football game with overpaid spoiled athletes and eat crappy frozen snacks and other fools get up at 1 am on a Monday morning to watch overpaid spoiled yacht racers. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Hey, and he 'made them' himself too!