Thursday, February 11, 2010


A month or so ago I ordered a case of 100 poly mailers on the internet and they came in a nice sturdy shipping BOX. Ordering your mailers on the internet is about 1/3 of the cost of buying them at walmart and I was tired of buying a package of mailers every few days so I invested $20.00 on the big BOX of mailers. I was very happy to get the big BOX of mailers but the cats were even happier when they saw A BOX! A BOX! A BOX! WE LOVE BOXES!!

So, THE BOX sat next to the computer desk for a few weeks with Mimi and Lucy digging at the flaps trying to get inside THE BOX because A BOX! OMG IT'S A BOX! Well, after finding a few mailers with kitty teeth holes in them because getting into A BOX and chewing on whatever is inside THE BOX is kitty heaven indeed, I thought maybe I should put THE BOX inside the closet so that my mailers would not be completely unusable due to numerous kitty teeth holes in them. Not to mention what a buyer would think when they got their order in a mailer with kitty teeth holes all over it.

So, I put THE BOX in a corner of the closet, but Mimi and Lucy knew something was up and where was their BOX!?! For the past week or so every time I've opened the closet door to get something out or throw something in there at least one cat has taken the opportunity to sneak inside that closet in search of THE BOX. I've had to check the closet before shutting the door to make sure no cats would be shut inside the closet. Inside their BOX.

Sometimes it takes me a little while to figure these kinds of things out, but I thought life would be simpler if I just gave in and found someplace else to store my mailers other than inside THE BOX, and just left THE BOX out where kitties could play in it to their little hearts content.

So now THE BOX is empty sitting in the bedroom for the cats to play in and the mailers are sitting in a plastic tub that I will eventually find a place for. Score one for the cats.


Jennifer said...

Our dumb cat loves boxes to. We have not been able to throw away the box to the vaccum cleaner that we bought almost 6 months ago because she plays in it all the time. If you take it away she crys and follows you. Its just easier to leave the box on the floor!

PussDaddy said...

My cats have claimed a box or two as their own too.