Friday, February 26, 2010

Aghhh...The Dentist

I went in for my routine every three months deep cleaning at the dentist yesterday afternoon. I have whatever the heck the gum disease is called where your teeth eventually will fall out because your gums aren't holding them in anymore so I have to have the cleaning done four times a year in the hopes that they won't fall out for a few more years at least. I had gum surgery a couple of years ago to replace some of the bone and clean all the crap out that the deep cleaning couldn't get and it was really really expensive and the insurance only paid a little bit of it so I'm constantly going to the dentist because I can't afford more gum surgery. I absolutely HATE going to the dentist and as soon as I get in that chair my body goes entirely rigid and I'm sure my blood pressure shoots up to dangerous levels. They use that high powered water jet thing first and then scrape scrape scrape and dig dig dig and my fingers are tightly clenched onto the armrests the entire time.

This is not because I don't brush my teeth, I'm always brushing (like five times a day) and flossing (twice a day) and he did say that my hygeine looked good, some people just get gum disease.

Anyway, it turns out that I need a crown put on one of my molars that the filling has broken on and there's not enough real tooth left to refill, so crap, I am not looking forward to that experience at all! The dentist office has to check with the insurance to see what they will pay on it first and then we'll schedule the torture appointment. Ugh.

While I was there I had them check on when Keith was due for a checkup and somehow he has managed to slip by for over a year with nobody at the dentist sending a little reminder card or anything, so he gets to go in for his scraping and digging, but not until April because they had no late day appointments until then. He had a crown put in last time he went so I'm hoping he doesn't need another one or any other major thing right now.

At least I don't have any cavities, ha ha.

And, in other news, my new etsy shop has gotten off to a pretty good start. It's only been open for 2 weeks and I have 8 sales, which to me is excellent for a new shop. I'm just hoping it keeps up!

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PussDaddy said...

I just went in too and got a cleaning and have to go back later this month for the first of two root canals and caps.

I too am scared of the dentist, but I lucked out and got this lady dentist who gives absolutely painless shots. Now I am not so scared. The first time I sat down for a root canal I was all tightened up like you mentioned and she goes "What is wrong with you?" and I said "I'm terrified" because I had heard so much stuff about root canals, and after my first one I was like that's it? That's all it is? People act like it is torture the way you hear them talking about root canals.

I can only get two done a year because then my insurance runs out, but I can get them cleaned twice for free and some other stuff done for free, like X-rays and fillings and stuff like that.

Also I did not know you had a new Etsy shop, but I am glad it is off to a good start.