Wednesday, January 6, 2010


First, we have gotten in the habit of watching the news each evening while doing the fixing dinner thing and the eating dinner thing. That way we don't have to talk to each other. Ha ha. Not really, we do enjoy talking to each other most of the time but we also like to keep up with what's going on in the world and I really miss that Charles guy on the ABC Nightly News. But at least Brian Williams is still on. And, speaking of the Nightly News, Bakersfield made it on there last night because of the incident at the airport with a man having honey in gatorade bottles in his luggage. Honey that they thought was bomb making materials. Closed down the whole airport and the bomb squad came out. I guess he was just trying to bring some homegrown honey back to his family but next time maybe he should just fedex it.

Anyway, we watch the news in the evening and also all the commercials for Viagra, pills to stop you from peeing so much, pills to stop your heart attacks, and so on. And the sham wow guy hawking the slap machine thing that chops up your onions for you, which I could have totally used last night while making dinner. These commercials don't bother me that much, just something I have to put up with since we can't afford Tivo and I like my nightly news.

But. There is a new commercial out for a nail clipper that I have to cover my eyes because it just grosses me out. Especially when I am trying to eat my dinner. It starts with a closeup of someone clipping their nasty toenails and goes downhill from there. Although I might have to order one of these because it is hard for me to get down there to my nasty toenails.

I didn't get the camera fast enough to catch the really gross parts, but these pictures are almost as bad.

Don't cut your toenails the old fashioned way-try the new sure clip!!

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