Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Little Religion?

Since it's Sunday and all, I thought I'd write about the latest in bizarro land here considering it has a religious overtone. Or some kind of overtone.

A few days ago I was sitting at my workbench in the front room and out of the corner of my eye saw someone walking up to the front door. A very strange looking man, long dark hair, beard, long jacket on, serious look on his face. He sort of looked like Jesus, but not the blue eyed blond Jesus, and also sort of looked like Charles Manson. I right then and there decided that I would definitely NOT answer the door if he ignored the no soliciting sign and rang the doorbell. No doorbell rang and a few seconds later he goes back down the walk and across the street. He is carrying a big yellow wooden cross on one hip and on the other has a satchel with a big yellow cross on it. Hmmm...odd indeed.

So I go open the door expecting some pamphlet from some church telling me to repent, but no, it's a two page missive hand written by Jesus/Charles laying on the doorstep. I tried to decipher some of it, but to me it looked like the ravings of a lunatic. Nice handwriting, though.

Then at the very bottom of the second page is this:

It says: If any of you, have Comment or Question. Call me 397-8545 Richard. A Comment?
Whats the meaning, about full grown men? with their shirtee and tieee on! being jet propelled by their Quaker Oatees! and flying off to workee!

I think I'd much rather have Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons at my door than this guy.

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Campbell Jane said...

I need to eat me some oatees! haha Happy New Year!