Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

I wish Starbucks was closer to the post office that I walk to because I really want a Starbucks. But I am too lazy to walk to the post office and then all the way over to the Starbucks. Which is a long way across many many parking lots. And I am too lazy. But at least I will save $4.00 because of my laziness.

Why do the cats always want to be petted when I am sitting on the toilet? Because I look like I am not busy and am a captive audience?

We have decided that we prefer summer in Bakersfield instead of winter. At least we will prefer it until next summer rolls around and it's once again a few hundred degrees out.

I am procrastinating because I need to walk over to the post office but it's cold outside.

We actually had some of the promised rain last night. At least I guess it rained, the streets were wet this morning. Must be time for STORM WATCH!

I went to the Goodwill bookstore this weekend and scored! I got two bags of books for $8.25, one bag full of vintage kids books and a dictionary for cutting up for pendants, and one bag full of some novels to read. I had bought two paperbacks at walmart because I was desperate for something to read but both books SUCKED BIG TIME so I wasted $12.00 on them. Next time I am tempted to buy a book from walmart I will remember to wait until I can get to the Goodwill where if I buy a book that SUCKS BIG TIME at least I only wasted 85c on it.

We have been watching the first season of The Big Bang Theory, it was on sale at Target for less than the cost of the sucky books from walmart, and we have really enjoyed watching it. We have followed the current season and this show really grows on you. I don't usually laugh out loud at TV shows, but this one has me snickering. Mostly because of Sheldon. And the Indian guy. And it's fun to watch a TV show with no commercials. Now I'll have to wait for season two to go on sale so I can catch up.

And that is all. I'm not having that many random thoughts today.

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