Friday, December 11, 2009

Hunt and Peck

Keith was trying to update his resume last night. He is worried that there will be layoffs at his job soon since there is no work lined up and they are not making any money. The company that he works for is really large and is buying up other little companies all over the country, but his particular branch seems like it might be in trouble. So, resume time it is. Our neighbor just got a job at a cement plant up in the mountains about an hours drive away and says they are looking to hire a few more people, so Keith wants to get his resume in now just in case. They were thinking they could carpool to work if he does go for the job, but still, an hours drive away is a long long way. The cement plant pays pretty well, it's a union job and starts at like 20 an hour with higher pay in 90 days and higher pay if you work in certain areas of the plant. So, we'll see what happens there.

Anyway, he was trying to update the resume that a neighbor did for him years ago and put on a disc. Now, neither one of us knows how to use the particular program that the resume is on so Keith worked and worked trying to figure out how to change the info that's in all these little boxes in the program. He did pretty well, finally giving up in frustration about an hour later, yelling 'I hate computers!'. We'll try it again after he calms down. He doesn't know how to type so it's really really slow going when he is typing. Really slow.

We got Kelly's bank draft sent off to her the other day. It cost 53.00 to send a flat Fedex envelope to Cyprus. What was really strange is that it cost less to send it the quickest way, about 4 days, than to send it the next quickest, 7 days, by about 20.00. Go figure. Hopefully the money will keep them going for a while. I was researching Cyprus, since I don't know anything about the country, and wasn't even sure exactly where it is. It's near Turkey by the way. They speak Greek and Turkish there, so I'm not real sure how she expects to get a job since she doesn't speak the language, but whatever. I'm sure we won't hear much from her until the next crisis. Poor Keith has gotten to where he cringes when the phone rings because it's probably one of the kids with yet another problem he needs to solve for them.

We finally, finally, got some rain last night and it's supposed to rain all weekend. I know it is not a big deal for most people when it rains, but when you live in what is basically a desert rain is indeed exciting. We got over 1/2" in about 6 hours yesterday, the longest rain and the most rain at one time that I can remember getting since we've lived here. The gutters were running wild!
The cats were a little perplexed, you can't hear the rain that well in the house because it's so well insulated, but you could hear it clinking on the vent in the bathroom and they were kind of looking up at the ceiling, like what the heck is that noise? It's scary!

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