Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Yesterday after Keith got home we drove over to the super walmart looking for something that they were out of at our local walmart, which we didn't find but did get Keith the new work boots that he's been needing for oh, six months or so. His company will pay for half the cost of new boots, but you've got to buy them first or order them from the way more expensive online boot places and have the portion that we pay deducted from his paycheck. Ordering boots online doesn't sound like a great idea to me because you've really got to try on the boots before you buy them to make sure that you can stand to wear them all day while working. The boots online are about $150, the boots at walmart about $50.

Anyway, we found his boots but not the other thing we were looking for (a little Christmas surprise for the neices and they sometimes read this blog, so I can't say exactly what it is, but we did find something similar, but they'll just have to wait for Christmas to see what it is) and by then it was getting late and we were getting hungry so we decided to stop at the new Chick-Fil-A here in town.

What is a Chick-Fil-A you may ask? If you are southern, you already know what a Chick-Fil-A is, it's basically a fast food chicken sandwich restaurant. All chicken, all the time.

We had gone online to check out the menu when they first opened, and it's basically fried chicken on hamburger buns, or grilled chicken on hamburger buns, or chicken nuggets, and they even have a chicken salad sandwich, and you get waffle fries with your sandwich.

I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the place was inside, kind of like an upscale fast food restaurant, nice booths, nice decor, and the bathroom was clean, smelled good, and had that more expensive restaurant look to it, with nice tiling on the walls and floors and they were smart enough to put the paper towels right by the sink along with a hole in the counter right under the paper towel dispenser to drop your towel into after drying your hands. No dripping water all over the floor searching for the paper towels which are usually on the opposite wall from the sink.

They had nice music softly playing, like classical music, and we were talking about how people seem to keep their voices lower when that type of music is playing and the atmosphere just seems calmer than most frantic fast food places. They also fill your drinks for you, and then take your tray to your table for you when the food is ready.

They do have a person dressed up in a cow suit wandering around, that was kind of odd and I'm like what's up with the cow, shouldn't it be a chicken? But then, that would be kind of icky because we'd be sitting there eating his brethren while this big chicken was walking around. I finally went 'duh', the cow is because we are supposed to eat chicken instead of the cow's brethren. Duh. Sometimes I'm a little slow.

Anyway, the cow was a little annoying, coming up to stand mutely by our table and then high-fiving us while we have food stuffed in our mouths.

And what about the food? It was okay, nothing that I'd go out of my way to get again, the restaurant isn't exactly in our neigborhood, but if we were on that side of town again and hungry I'd probably stop by. The price for the two of us to eat was like $12.00.

The oddest thing about this restaurant, or maybe not odd for you southerners, is that it is closed on Sundays. Apparently it is family owned and was started by Southern Baptists or some other southern Christian people, and they feel that Sundays are for family, and of course, church going, and if you are going to eat chicken on Sunday, it should be at the big church supper or at the Sunday dinner at Grandma's or whatever. I'm impressed that a company would forego an entire days worth of profits to give their employees Sundays off.

For the rest of you Californians who want to give Chick-Fil-A (love the name, it kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?) a try, there are some in the LA area, and one in Oxnard on Rose Ave, and if you go onto their website, you can get directions and also read all about the cows.


Jennifer said...

I love going there! They have the best shakes.

PussDaddy said...

I am familiar with this restaurant and have eaten at some. I don't eat much chicken now though. The cow story was just hilarious.


Broken China Treasures said...

I like Chik-fil-a and they are quite kid friendly in our southern town! Actually, a little too kid friendly ~ I definitely avoid it when schools out. It is amazing how they can lease mall space and be the only place closed on Sundays - that's how big they are around here.

Ditto on the best shakes ~ especially the strawberry!