Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Quiet Weekend

Not much went on around here this weekend, did some cleaning and a little crafting. Keith worked in the back yard shed trying to get all that organized and cleaned up some. Then he drank some beers. We walked over to walmart looking for a hoodie sweatshirt for him to wear at work now that it's getting chilly in these parts. We found exactly what he wanted, an orange one so that he will be easier to see and won't get run over by a train while he's working. I also got a couple of Hanes sweatshirts for women-only $6.00 each! So, ladies, if you need some cozy sweatshirts, get yourself over to walmart. I washed one of them to make sure they don't shrink too much and it came out of the wash just fine.

We were kind of on pins and needles all weekend waiting to hear something from Kelly about what the heck is going on with her and why the sudden need to get back to the US. We had emailed her on Friday telling her that money was on the way but we need to know if that will fix her problem and how to get it to her and to please call or email on Saturday. We finally got an email back this morning and I don't think she's too happy with us for not jumping at the chance to buy her a plane ticket and feed her and house her for six months. And then have to do it again in a year or so after she goes back to her husband and they still can't find jobs and still can't support themselves and will need to continent hop again. She says that sending her money still won't do any good because Sean (her husband or whatever) can't afford to house and feed her and she'll be homeless even with the money. And how obviously we don't want her, sob sob.

I have this sinking feeling that she's going to end up here eventually anyway. Hope she likes sleeping in the garage! And we can't exactly afford to house and feed you either!


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Jennifer said...

Well if she doesn't want the money keep it or share it with those of us that will take it! Is her husband going to be homeless too?