Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why Do You Text

Instead of just calling?

Every time a commercial comes on for some cell phone company with unlimited texting or whatever Keith gets all worked up about people texting instead of just calling. What is the appeal of texting and why can't you just talk on the phone and why do people need phones that can order your dinner for you or you can read a book on anyway? Can you tell that he is getting to be one of those cranky old men? These damn kids and their cell phones and driving while texting and what is so important that they need to be glued to thier phones anyway? Ruffians, all of them!! And whippersnappers, too!!

Since I don't have a cell phone and wouldn't know how to use one or text on it anyway, I cannot answer these burning questions for him. I don't know why people text, is it easier or cheaper than just calling? Is it so the people around you won't be disturbed by your loud phone conversation about your yeast infection? (True story, Keith was entertained by a woman discussing this exact thing while in line at the grocery store. Appetizing while shopping for your dinner, yes?) My only answer for texting is that maybe it's less time consuming than just talking on the phone about whatever? Why do YOU text instead of just calling? Seriously, inquiring old minds want to know!

What else is going on around here other than Keith ranting about cell phones?

Oh, he found a roll of film in his sock drawer so we took it to walmart to get developed, having no idea how old the roll was or what was on it, and then remembered last night that we hadn't picked it up yet, so we walked over to walmart to get it. We were also hungry and lazy so we ate a not so healthy but actually pretty tasty dinner at the McDonalds in the walmart. Fine dining, that was. Plus you get to watch all the people coming into the store.

The pictures were of his cousins wedding in 2006 and also a few from Jeremy's birthday party that same year. And some pictures that were just black, nightime I guess. I don't think we even have the camera that took the pictures anymore. Or maybe it's in the sock drawer.

And now I need to go clean the cat boxes, just another day in paradise.


Anonymous said...

Hey you!

Same old same old around here too. I've been de-cluttering and hanging out and living and pumpkin shopping and eating way too much junk food and trying to hold onto fall before I really have to start complaining about the cold.

I've gotten a couple of wholesale orders and wanted to put a bug in your ear about the idea. Have you ever considered it? Mine were for soap, not jewelry... but it's a quick way to get some inventory out the door and it keeps you busy too. Just a thought.

Oh, and about texting. I have a cell phone, but it's just because my husband has one that he uses for work and personal, so it just made sense to have two cells than one house phone.

Anyways... mine doesn't have any bells and whistles on it. It doesn't take pictures, it doesn't play the internet, or have any apps on it or any of that. I do text now and then, but it's always for quick and easy things. I use it when I have a question or a comment, but I don't care if or when you get back to me about it... Like I don't really feel like talking but I want to know about dinner, or whatever...

Kinda like email, you can get back to them when you feel like it.

You had a point though, that there is more privacy with texting in public because you can quietly text, rather than talk publicly. Though, I still don't do it. I only answer my phone when I feel like it. I'm not glued to it, I can't tell you why most people are. It's beyond me.


Jennifer said...

I text on mine quite a bit. Since Jeremy and i both have blackberrys and they have blackberry messanger (which is like instant messaging and it's free for us to use) I tend to send him messages that wy while he is at work, that way he can answer me when he feels like it. I also use that to talk to Denise alot, it's free, no long distance phone bill. Plus she is working nights so again she can answer me when she is free. I text with Meghan more than anyone else. Her phone never seems to have good reception at her house so this way we dont get cut off. Now that I am working Jeremy can send me a message rather than call me an I can check it when I have time. I never texted much before I got this phone and now i do it alot. It is for younger people though.

I do hate being somehwere and having to listen to someone else's phone conversation. I wish those people would txt eeach other. I DO NOT text and drive though. That is illegal and I iwsh the younger people and whoever else does it would stop. It is way to dangerous!

Jerr Dunlap said...

I text a lot. Often, while I'm working, I've got my hands full of epoxy or simply filthy or I'm up a mast or upside-down under a swim step and can't answer. Often these text messages are brief "Meet me at Dock... in an hour? I need help changing batteries." The messages don't need to be answered immediately and they're a lot easier to answer than calling my voicemail - I just write a brief reply and send it. I just sent the name, address and phone of a restaurant I'm meeting someone for breakfast by text - It saves my friend writing it down. Hope that helps!
- Jerr