Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh. My.

I was just over on Artfire and clicked on the Christmas section thingy, thinking it would be like the gift guides on Etsy, with curated items that might actually fit the Christmas theme. Wrong. Anything and everything that has Christmas anywhere in the title, descriptions, or tags show up in this ridiculous Christmas special showcase or whatever it's supposed to be. Craft supplies? Tons of them, my favorite being a bunch of jumprings that are tagged with the color 'Christmas green' and an old craft book that happens to have some Christmas wreaths in it. Another is a glass halloween pendant that is in this section because it 'could be used as a Christmas ornament'. Come on, Artfire, if you want to be taken seriously you need to curate special sections like this.

Most of what I saw looked more like the Christmas Bazaar at your neighborhood church, too, and after about 4 pages I just couldn't take it anymore. Here are some gems from the special Christmas section on Artfire. Really makes you want to go do your Christmas shopping there.

I think these ornaments are supposed to be Adam and Eve, judging from the apple and the nakedness and the fig leaves. They are in the Christmas section because they are tree ornaments? I especially like Adam's sole tooth.

And this is supposed to be the dove of peace, but to me it looks more like a baby seal. I guess that works, you know, Christmas Seals?

This is a half eaten gingerbread man. Looks more like bloody stump gingerbread man to me. Oh nooooo.....Mr Bill!

I told myself I wasn't going to make fun of weird crafty things, but there is just too much weird crafty stuff out there these days to resist.

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