Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Stuff

I thought my computer had died this morning. Obviously it didn't or I wouldn't be sitting here typing, but I did figure out the problem and fixed it so I'm very proud of myself.

You see, when we bought the computer they sold us all kinds of stuff for it, anti virus software, spy software, and a back up battery. I've always had issues with the computer freaking out in the middle of the night and freezing up all on it's own and to get it going again, I've turned off the battery and turned it back on. Whether or not this is the proper thing to do, I don't know and don't care because all I wanted was to unfreeze the computer.

So this morning I go to get on the computer which I never really turn off, just leave it to go to sleep, and my screen is frozen at 'windows is shutting down'. So, I turn off the battery, and it won't come back on! EEEEKKK! Computer withdrawals start up immediately as I check all connections and plugs and all that, to no avail. So, then I get to thinking, hey is a back up battery like a car battery and after a few years it just goes dead? I don't know, but that makes sense to me, so I call up the Geek Squad over at Best Buy and finally get through to someone who doesn't know and has to ask, and then comes back and says yes, they do go dead, so I ask if I can use the computer without it, and she doesn't know but she'll transfer me to the Geek Squad, who don't answer the phone and it rings and rings and then finally disconnects. So, I call them back up again, get a real Geek Squad guy, and he says, yes, just plug all the plugs into an alternate power source. Okay, so I realize there are three plugs in the back of the battery, and only one available plug on the wall, so I go over to Home Depot to get a power strip, come back, unplug, replug, and once again have computer capabilities. Except there is still one weird plug in the back of the battery that I have no idea what it is and will have to tug on it so I can figure out what it's plugged into and unplug it since it doesn't seem to be doing anything anyway. It's one of those weird computery plugs, not a regular electric plug. So, hopefully when I unplug it everything will still work okay. I'm not going to replace the battery right now because I'm really doubting whether we really need one or not.

In other news, Kaiser Permanente is laying off a bunch of office workers and such because their enrollment in their health program has gone down. No kidding. Think about it, Kaiser, when people lose their job, they also lose their insurance and while, yes, you can get cobra coverage, if you are living on unemployment benefits, the last thing you can afford is four or five hundred dollars a month, if not more, in cobra insurance premiums.

And, Bakersfield is going to break a record they set in 1994! The record number of homicides, that is. Whoo-hoo!!

So far this year (as of last weekend, so the number is probably higher by now) there were 66 murders, which is one every 3.3 days or something like that. And, surprise, surprise, 90% of the murders are gang-related. Doesn't that just make me so proud to live in this city!

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Anonymous said...

Awww, you should be proud!

About the crime rate, that is...

Ha, just kidding!

Glad you got your computer fixed, mine blew up in a wind storm a couple of winters ago and I didn't know what to do with myself...