Friday, August 28, 2009

New Stuff

It's really hard to get excited about making new stuff when the old stuff just sits in the shops on zibbet and etsy, but I did get some fun new digital collage sheets yesterday to make more small reversible soldered pendants. I haven't done any of these for a while and thought I'd give them another try.

Bird and nest reversible pendant:

Party reversible pendant:

Other than that, nothing much going on up in these parts. We are waiting for summer to be over with, hoping that Keith doesn't melt out there in the hot sun first. They were going in at 5am to try and beat some of the heat but the sun is coming up later in the morning and they can't see what they are doing in the dark very well so they're back to the 6am start time now. At least he can sleep for an extra hour in the morning. I'm just trying to keep busy, I haven't heard a thing from any of the places I applied to. There is a new super Target opening up here in town and we heard that they were taking applications but like I told Keith, how am I supposed to get there, I need work within walking distance. Not that I really want to go back to cashiering, of course! We are just trying to hang in there in the hopes that this economy will turn around within the next few months.

The kitties are fat and sassy, eating sleeping and pooping like usual. Buddy is his usual rambunctious self, chasing the other cats around and Pepper is her usual cranky self. Bear is her usual sweet self please rub my face and Mimi is still her usual I'm going to jump on your shoulders and drool self. Lucy is just Lucy, she only wants attention when you are trying to cook dinner or take a shower, and Harri is always nervous about all the other cats. She does get her special time with Keith most evenings when he lays on the bed and she gets on his chest for her pets. That is if Buddy doesn't get there first. Speaking of kitties, I'd better go clean their cat boxes. Again.


PussDaddy said...

Oh, I love it's a party!


Anonymous said...

I hear ya about the economy and jobs and such. I keep thinking I should take my little butt down to the shopping center near here, and apply a few places, but I DON'T WANNA!!

So far, some how, we've been making it. There's very little left over, but we're hanging in there some strange way, so I'm just hoping things will keep up for a little longer.

And the holiday season is right around the corner too, so that brings hope. Hang in there. ♥