Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm Taking The Challenge

The Activia challenge, that is. Jamie Lee Curtis will be so proud of me.

When we were doing our shopping at our new favorite cheap grocery store, Winco, Saturday night, they had the four-packs of Activia yogurt for $1.79, so I got the vanilla flavor and the strawberry in the light versions to try out. They also had peach, but peach yogurt is something that for some reason just doesn't sound good to me.

Sing along with me...activiaaaaa!

Anyway, it tastes okay and there's only like 70 calories in one, mainly because the little tubs are tiny and there's only like five spoonfuls of yogurt in each one.

We keep seeing the commercial with the two women at the swimming pool and the one doesn't want to swim because she's 'a little irregular', and Keith says why can't she swim even if she's irregular, and I had to explain to him that when you are constipated your stomach hurts, and you don't feel like swimming. Ever since they took a foot of colon out of his body, he's incredibly regular, like four times a day, so he's forgotten how cranky it can make you when you are not.

So, we'll see if I feel as good in two weeks as Jamie Lee has promised that I will. Just think, her legacy will be bringing relief from constipation to us all.

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Anonymous said...

We have Winco here too, and I love it! I started buying just plain old vanilla yogurt a while ago, and just eating a few spoonfuls every day... but then we ran out a week or so ago, and I never got anymore. Can't say I notice a difference, but I'm really not sure. gah!