Wednesday, August 5, 2009

America's Got Talent

So, I got sucked into watching the new season of America's Got Talent, which I would much rather watch than American Idol any day, because the Got Talent show isn't quite so discriminatory with people having to be a certain age, a certain weight, and a certain look. I've enjoyed watching the preliminaries, and watched the first semi-finals last night.

Last week the shows were kind of boring, with these poor people being dragged out to Vegas only to be told, sorry, go back home, and this thing with them dragging out who gets to stay and who goes trying to make it all dramatic and full of suspense and what not was just irritating to me. I felt really bad for some of them who came all the way out there and had to turn right around and go home.

But, last night was kind of fun to watch, actually getting to see the full performance of each act rather than just a few seconds or none of it at all like in the try-outs. There were a couple of acts that I wasn't all that impressed with, but most of them were pretty outstanding and it would be tough choosing who gets to stay and who goes, because I think almost all of them should get to stay.

The only ones that I didn't like were the diva whatevers, the drag queens, they're good and all, but the number they did was just not that great, and Grandma Lee, while charming and it's nice to see an old lady on TV was just not all that funny.

My favorites are probably the little 14 year old singer girl from Tracy, CA, who could certainly give Miley Cyrus a run for her money, the chicken catcher country boy, who I hope someone in Nashville is paying some attention to, and the Acrodunk guys, who were totally amazing. Oh, and the magic act was pretty good, too. And the 13 year old Billy Elliot dancer kid. I'm rooting for the chicken catcher and the better than Miley Cyrus any day girl, myself, so it will be interesting to see who gets to stay on tonight's show.

And, in other exciting news from the Central Valley, we are getting a big break on the weather this week, with temps in the 90's today and down into the lower 80's tomorrow! Much better than 105 like we had last week!

The doves that were nesting on top of the ladder had left the nest, and no eggs were in the nest, so Keith took the ladder down so that he can use it, but today I noticed a lot of flying around outside the back sliding door. The cats were watching the doves fly up to the outside light, fly down to the ground, and back up again. One of them was picking up sticks and grass, so I went out back to see if they were trying to build a nest on the light, which they've tried to do before. I guess doves don't remember nest building failures and will try, try again.

They were just sitting there on the light, so if they were trying to build a nest, it wasn't working very well. Or maybe they were sitting there in total confusion wondering where their home on the ladder went to.

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