Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Guess

I should get my old embroidery hoops out. Except that I think I got rid of my embroidery hoops a long time ago in one of my 'clean all this old crap out' frenzies. I've noticed that embroidered hoops seem to be making a comeback and are once again new and hip.

Years and years ago, back in the country decorating craze, where we all had ducks and chicks and ruffles and gingham, making embroidered hoops to decorate your country walls was quite the rage among us crafty types.

The embroidered hoops I've seen on etsy aren't quite so country these days, though.

This one was on the front page today, at a rather pricey 45.00 or so. To me it looks like something you would find in a tupperware container that's been hiding in the back of the fridge, but it's supposed to be moss. Terrariums and mossy grassy stuff is big on etsy right now.

This one is pretty, but 50.00?

This one reminds me of the ones that we used to make with the country theme, and it's 'only' 25.00. And it's only 4" across.

After seeing these hoops, which are really easy to make, and you just use the hoop that you did the embroidery in to make the frame, my mind is thinking up variations for doing something like this. Only I don't have my embroidery hoops, fabric, or floss anymore, so it will mean a trip to the store and I don't have any money until I sell something on etsy.

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