Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Freaked Out Lucy

Last night I went to Target for a new box of cat litter. We're trying out this brand called Swheatscoop that's made out of wheat instead of the usual perfumed dusty litter that we've been using, thinking that we all don't need to be breathing in the dust that the old litter made, no matter how well it worked. This stuff just smells a little like a piece of bread, that kind of yeasty baking smell when you pour it in the box, and actually seems to work a little better and last a little longer than the old litter.

Anyway, Keith takes the box into the workroom to put it in the litter box and Lucy totally freaked out, hackles raised and just staring at the box of litter. What the heck? Oh, there is a life sized picture of a CAT on the box of litter. She thinks there is a strange cat in her house.

So, she stares and stares at this box of litter, while Mimi nonchalantly walks by, sniffs the box and checks it all out, then wanders away.

Those are Keith's legs in the background, he's waiting to clean out the old litter and add the new.

Lucy is still staring.

Pepper comes in to check out the box as Lucy starts slinking closer.

Lucy kept inching forward and was finally brave enough to confront the box.

This was a first for us, none of the cats have ever gotten freaked out like this before, and most of the cat litter boxes and food bags we've brought into the house have cat pictures on them. Lucy finally figured out that this new cat was not a threat, and the litter boxes got cleaned and filled.

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