Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Drink Your Milk

We were watching the news last night and a story came on about the decline of the small family owned dairy farms here in central California. Farms that have been in business for generations are now spending more money to milk the cows than the milk brings in at market prices. For every gallon of milk produced, the farm spends $1.50, but they only get $1.00 in return. So, instead of losing money every day these farms are rapidly going out of business, selling off the cows which are in turn killed to reduce the supply of milk cows, closing the doors on the barns, then trying to sell off the land or just letting it go into foreclosure.

Why is this happening you may ask? (or may not if you really don't care). The demand for milk is still there, but people have cut back on the milk products that they can live without, like yogurt (no wonder Jaime Lee Curtis is pushing her go poop yogurt like there's no tomorrow), cheese, butter, and ICE CREAM. What?!? People aren't buying as much ICE CREAM?!? Now that's downright un-American! Are they eating their apple pie straight, no more a la mode to save money? No ice cream sundaes on a Sunday afternoon? No milkshake with their hamburger at the local drive in? This is terrible, people!

So, folks, I know this is going to be hard, but please make the sacrifice and help save our dairy farmers by EATING MORE ICE CREAM!

You can do it!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Works for me.
Think I will head on in to the peninsula and find some ice cream.
To help save the cows.

Anonymous said...

We've switched from ice-cream to popsicles during this heat wave, but we still drink our fair share of milk and I LOVE cheese! I hope we make a difference... plus we try to buy local dairy too... ♥