Monday, June 22, 2009

So This is What We've Been Doing

Actually, this is what Keith has been doing, because we just don't get along when we try and paint together. My painting style is slap that stuff on the wall and be done, and his style is slow and steady, and make sure the job is perfect. That's why jobs like this never seem to quite get finished, it takes him so long that he loses interest in it halfway through, and then I have to nag him about getting it finished.

So, we had four days to get the hallway done, and it is still not done. Day one was spent washing and patching and sanding, day two was spent with both of us painting and one of us going back over everything the other of us had painted because apparently we (me) aren't doing such a good job, day three was spent with only Keith painting the second coat because I'm getting irritated by now with him being so picky about my paint job, and day four was spent with him sanding all the trim, taking a nap, and then sanding more trim, with no trim actually getting painted.

To make a long story short, the walls are painted, but the trim is not, and we still don't have the carpet down in the hallway because we are not done painting yet. It had been so long ( a few years, I think) since we picked out the paint for the hall that I had completely forgotten what color it was going to be and it was a good thing that Keith had labeled the paint jugs with 'hallway'. The color is called Harmonious Cream, so I'm hoping that walking down the hallway will have a soothing zen like effect on us, making us feel more harmonious and in tune with nature, or something like that. It's hard to describe the color, kind of a buttery warm creamy yellowy color. It coordinates well with the peachy color that the living room is. Here is a picture, the back of the door is still the original hallway color.

The trim will be done in the trim that we used for the living room, it's another color that is hard to describe, so we'll just call it brown, but it's kind of a reddish brown redwood sort of color, called Versatile Verve, versatile because it goes with lots of different colors, verve because, well, I don't know why since I'm not real sure what that word means and will have to go google it.

Okay, here's what google says about verve:
1. Energy and enthusiasm in the expression of ideas, especially in artistic performance or composition: The revival lacked the verve of the original musical.
2. Vitality; liveliness.
3. Archaic Aptitude; talent.

Apparently there is also an energy drink called Verve and also a pop music group that I think I may have once had a CD of.
So, our trim will make us feel energized and full of vitality while the walls will fill us with harmony.

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