Thursday, June 4, 2009

Phone Survey

Yesterday afternoon the phone rang and it was one of those recorded survey takers on the line. I almost hung up but wasn't really doing anything else so I stayed on the phone to see what the survey was about. Lots of questions about the economy and do I think it is press one for better, two for about the same, three for worse, and four for there's no hope at all, that sort of thing.

So, after numerous questions about the economy, GM and the bailouts, do I invest in the stock market or know anybody who does, I was starting to get a little bored and about ready to hang up, when the next question, right after a question about the stock market, is do you follow the news stories about Jon and Kate Plus 8? And do you believe the recent stories about their marital troubles are press one for real or press two made up for the ratings.

What? Jon and Kate Plus 8 is as important as our weakening economy and the GM bankruptcy? What?

Then after the Jon and Kate questions come some about Octomom. What?

If you don't know who Jon and Kate and the Octomom are you apparently never go into walmart and see the racks of tabloids that feature them on the cover, and you must never ever turn on a TV, because yes, they are big news these days. Just as important as GM apparently. Wow.

My take on Jon and Kate and the Octomom? Who gives a crap? I really don't care if they exploit their children by following them around with cameras all day and make boatloads of money in the process. There are a lot worse things that parents do, and from what I've seen of Jon and Kate's kids and Octomom's kids, they seem to be pretty happy and well adjusted despite having cameras in their faces 24/7, so sorry, I just don't see the point in getting all riled up about them and demanding that thier kids be taken away from them. I just don't care about these people that much, and the people that do blog incessantly about how horrible they are would just find someone else to blog incessantly about if Jon and Kate and Octomom weren't around.

So, anyway, it was a strange survey, indeed.

And, in other news, if you are trying to sell a belt on the internet, don't take a crotch shot picture please. Not attractive at all.

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